Get these Glasses.

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    I saw that these glasses were only for the pros so of course I had to purchase this quality product. Without hesitation I pulled out my credit card which of course has the MLG PRO logo on it. Typed those digits into the computer and BAM in 5 days I had my hands on the most uber leet glasses around. I slapped those bad boys on and instantly lost 10 pounds grew manly stubble and my phone started ringing from all the super models asking for my godlyness to come and create pro gamer babies with them. My computer is of course top of the line but the second I had these glasses on my RAM doubled, My quad core turned into a OctoCore and my monitor turned into a holographic display.
    If you ever want to be pro like me you have to get these glasses. They are made by the gods for the gods. So if you are not a pro gamer and try to wear these you will go blind.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Oh dear lord...$80...
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    AWESOME *grabs wallet*
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    dont buy this the game is cheaper then this all these are is orange tinted glasses and I have nerf protective eyewear and they do the same so buy yourself a cheaper pair of glasses with the the orange tint they do the same thing and I got the nerf for 10$ and they came with a gun and sheild I would give these a -10 I was gonna put piece of c r a p for my summary but it wouldnt let me and I had to space it to put it here
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    Wow, I read the thing where the guy said the game is cheaper than them, but I find it both hilarious and disgusting that it's actually true. [​IMG]
  6. Shinigami357

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    You like your bargains, don't you? How about a pair of shinigami eyes? Only half your remaining life span, totally worth it.

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    Holy. Flippin'. Crap.
    I cannot remember ever laughing so hard at typed words.
    Those reviews are the epitome of epic hilariousness.
  9. Sterling

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    There was a similar reaction here. Especially since these reviews don't lie. It's an awesome, multi-purpose, monster belaying weapon of mass distribution. [​IMG]
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