Get CSD with 3DSUnbrick OK! But always black screen

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    Nov 21, 2016
    Hello everyone

    (new 3DSXL FW

    I fell on black screen, after BSOD, When I wanted dumper, I did not have the NAND.
    After much time, I managed to have CSD, but the problem persists.
    It must be material.
    I second case! Taking measurement voltage on CMD while 10K resistor remove.
    Start console 2 times and black screen.
    Is this Core Regulator 3.3V?
    VDD indicated 1.10-1.16V
    EMMC HS?
    something else?

    Since I have a dump and the second console (test point) I have dump + OTP + CFW ....
    I can not compare if dump valid because requires a reverse byte?

    I have resistance monitor CMD / 10K DAT0.1.2.3 / 50K
    If I remove these 4 resistors, I get on each pin Dat0-3 + CMD / 48-49K
    Nothing to blow
    VDDF 3.3V (taking externally)
    VDD 1.10-1.16V

    In the end I arrive no better and would like to know if to change the NAND?

    Thank you for your help, your work and research that helped me