George R.R. Martin states that he has "consulted on a video game out of Japan"

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, May 21, 2019.

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    This guy does look like the kind of weebs that would write isekai light novel with underage girl and fan service.
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    Being a consultant is far different then being head writter. Also might have nothing to do with GoT, might even no be fantasy at all. GRR has written a whole set of fantasy and sci-fi novels and worked on movies and TV before, including in the Twilight Zone. He also wrote a GoT game before back in 2012, although with a much lower budget than expected.
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    Assuming you are serious, he's the guy that wrote Game of Thrones, aka the least compelling TV series story-wise in recent times:P

    Need I remind you all the "dragons are coming" BS he put in GoT for YEARS? He has no idea how to do proper cliffhangers and often adds sexual scenes just to keep people reading/watching (although it wasn't fully his fault the TV version took this and made the story more about midget sex than actual fantasy:rofl2:) but fine, the books are DECENT, not "great" or anything.

    Not at all, sure he looks like some basement-dwelling pervert or something, but he seems to have a fetish for midgets and whatnot, isekai LN writers who write about underage incest fan-servicy stories are more like in early 20s and should be commended for their service to humanity /s
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    Real-time strategy GoT game!

    please please please!
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    specifically, the writer of insanely popular books "a song of ice and fire" the tv series game of thrones is based on. been writing them since the 90s, and is known to take forever writing them since they're so character dense. and he's worried how to land the ending.

    he also consulted and helped with the tv show a bit, though not these past few seasons. the tv show caught up to the books a few seasons ago then promptly started to go downhilp. so his source material is considered the reason the tv show was any good, to give you a clue as to why this is exciting.

    he's also a huge dork. so, positives.
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  6. Memoir

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    Never finished his GoT series. Can't trust him to consult on a game..
  7. Joshifer34

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    That last one was horrible. They even had the real cast voice act. Game was still bad. Not talking about the telltale one. That other one
  8. Pipistrele

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    Jan 21, 2019
    Welp, matter of opinions. Though your comment makes me question whether you actually read the books - dragons aren't exactly a huge focus until part 5 or so (they occasionally appear in rumors, and are related to one character, but that's kinda it), and they're not really huge on sex either, not to mention every book is self-contained and rarely tries to do wacky cliffhangers.
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    Peter dinklage is doing a carlton dance .......
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