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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom

eke-eke over at tehskeen has posted some updates to the Genesis Plus Project, a megadrive/genesis emulator for the gamecube. This version adds some impressive changes (the likes of which are normally seen on PCs)

Also there is a Wii elf available although the author stresses it is presently untested (a few people at tehskeen have said it works though, see the thread for discussion as it is not straightforward).
ÂÂÂÂ [Genesis]
ÂÂÂÂ- added SVP emulation: Virtua Racing is now emulated (big thanks to Notaz and TascoDeluxe)
ÂÂÂÂ- fixed VDP registers behaviour when VDP Mode 4 is enabled: fix Bass Masters Classic Pro, Captain Planet & The Planeeters
ÂÂÂÂ- corrected a bug in DMA Fill operation: fix James Pond 3, Rockman World/Megaman Willy Wars (corrupted VRAM)
ÂÂÂÂ- corrected typo errors in CPU cycle counters update: fix optiom screen music in “College Slam” and probably others games.
ÂÂÂÂ- added preliminary support of undocumented YM2612 bug: fixes soundtracks of Shaq Fu, Spiderman, Comix Zone, Ariel and some others
ÂÂÂÂ- added support for mappers & copy protection devices used in many unlicensed/pirate cartridges (see cart_hw.c for details)
ÂÂÂÂ- rewrote memory handlers for better modularity and some (little) speedup
ÂÂÂÂ- reduced Savestate size

ÂÂÂÂ- compiled with last LibOGC (20080228): fix issues when unplugging controller, support for Wii mode (see release.txt)
ÂÂÂÂ- added “hard-coded” IPL font (no more direct access to BOOTROM): fix font problem for Qoob users
ÂÂÂÂ- added SDCARD Slot B support for loading Roms
ÂÂÂÂ- removed unused MAME PSG Core
ÂÂÂÂ- added ‘Force DTACK’ option for prototype games usually hanging on real hardware (example: Sonic Crackers)
ÂÂÂÂ- added an option to underclock SVP core (with default cycle count, Virtua Racing actually does not run fullspeed in GC mode)

In other news geckoloader has been released.
From the page above:
geckoloader is a native wii application which helps you to load and execute wii homebrew binaries in the easiest and fastest way possible. It acts as a server which will receive binaries directly using a usbgecko adapter and a client tool to transfer such files is included

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