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    Sep 27, 2019
    Good afternoon. This post applies to the Retroarch application. For those who have problems with creating (adding) roms for consoles MAME \ FB Neo, I wrote a small PHP script. The script compares the name and size of the rom file in your folder with the name of the files in the database (.rdb). If there are matches, the rom is added to the playlist. Also in the script, you can specify the folder where good roms will be copied, so when you first run the script will run longer than usual.
    1. Download the archive with the Apache web server. //yadi.sk/d/DL4DDNCYPvC7ng
    2. Unzip somewhere and go to the folder "denwer-master > denwer" and run Run.exe
    3. Open a file "denwer-master > home > localhost > w w w > index.php" and set directory path
    4. In the address bar of your browser write localhost
    5. Wait 1-5 minutes for the script to process all files. (my ssd copied 850 files, ~3Gb, about 1 min.)
    6. Check the directory of "denwer-master > home > localhost > w w w" for.lpl files.
    You can place an index.php file on your web server.
    When updating game databases, you must replace the .rdb files.
    I haven't found another easy way for sorting 12,000 roms.
    If anyone is interested, I can add other consoles to generate playlist.
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