Gen 9 leaks (UPDATED)

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Heres a newer update into the gen 9 leaks I posted about last time
Also last time the rickroll was included as a joke, the leak is not by me.
Its by the fired worker
Heres new updates
Pokemon Blaze and Frost are NOT confirmed, nor is legends mew. These where only ideas they had on paper
Pokeman (A.K.A project PokeRM18+) is confirmed
It will drop sometime in late 2022
They have already started drawing "Stuff for it"
New stuff
Pokeman will be a dating sim and will have graphic fully animated "S*X" scenes
You can fully customize these (Chose what pose, trainer,pokemon,etc)
Pokemon can gain EXP from f**king them
All 151 pokemon plus all from gen 2/3/4 will be in it and a handful of male and female trainers
3 DLCS are planned (They will add the missing pokemon and more trainers and more gameplay)
The game is 59.99 and the DLCs will be 29.99 a piece
Only 18+ trainers will be in the game and dlc's
After all the DLC every pokemon gen 1-8 will be in it
Every 18+ trainer plus new ones will be in it when all the DLC is downloaded
This is everything so far
Games official name is "Pokemon XXX" in japan it's "Pocket Monsters Sex"
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