GeckoOS hanging/freezing/stopping on "Launching game"

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by 11kaboose11, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Dec 17, 2008
    So far i have created 2 threads on the subject of not being able to run SSBB DVD5 with playable SSE(btw these where on another forum wich i probably wont use anymore, no one ever wants to help =/), i have a modchip (wiikey 1.9s) and a us wii(3.2u) and i have the HBC.

    First thread:
    Ok so my wii is one of those really old ones that were in the first productions that now wont play DL discs, one week before SSBB coming out i had tried the DVD5 jap version and loved it, thats the one i played because i couldnt play the DVD9. Anyway a few months ago i stumble upon a guide on how to make a NTSC-US DVD5 SSBB with fully playable SSE so i go what the heck and do it. Everythings working fine until i update by mistake to 3.3 or 3.4(forget wich one) and the disc wont be read anymore. I dont do anything bout it for a bit then i look to see if there is a way downgrade turns out there was and now i have HBC and im downgraded to 3.0u I update my wiikey to 1.9s update to 3.1u using brawl cd and it STILL wont work any help PLEASE?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^in that thread i was suggested to boot SSBB with geckoOS or region free gecko, but i couldnt get the menu up.

    In my second thread i explained what was happening, No menu with geckoOS.

    But after ALOT of googling (is that a word ? hehe)i figured out that if you have something in any Gamecube slots some apps might not work, i can now see the menu, and press Launch game.

    BUT now, i put in the dvd press launch game and it says "Launching game, Language: DEFAULT" and it just hangs there, nothing happens.

    Any suggestions? im kind of still a noob with this stuff.

    Please, i really want to play ssbb [​IMG].
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    Nov 24, 2008
    Since you burnt the game....

    Do you have a modchip?
    If you do, try forcing NTSC although the disc is already NTSC.

    Try using some other loader, like Backup Launcher Gamma or SoftChip
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    was that dvd5 version of ssbb trucha signed? If so, it would load on 3.3 menu and below but not on 3.4.