Gecko OS and MPlayer Probs

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    Sep 22, 2006
    Hi all, I've just started to get my HBC up and running and ive come into a couple of problems. My PAL wii has a Wiikey and is on 3.4E.

    I had a couple of problems - first is dvd playback via mplayer. I downloaded and installed the hackmii installer from the Homebrew Channel Website, from which I installed HBC and DVDX. However there was another option there called bootmii that i was unfamiliar with so i didnt install (is that bad??). anyway so i then installed the homebrew browser. And (stupidly) downloaded DVDX again. I remembered i already did that so i went back in and uninstalled it lol. When I go into the mplayer and try and play the dvd it just doesnt load - which i think is probably due to my modchip. (Ive read a couple of times about something called patchmii_core that might help but I dont really know what this is/how to use it).

    Secondly I got Excite Bots Trick Racing (the USA version) and I tried to load it through Gecko OS - but unfortunately it says could not find IOS 55 or something to that effect. Would it be ok if someone told me what this means?

    Sorry to be such a bother, and I hope this is the right place to post such problems [​IMG] I've had good experience with this community in the past so any help at all will be greatly appreciated [​IMG]

    Argh no really sorry I didnt mean to start a new thread - so sorry - I went to put it in the newbie thread. but I must have hit the wrong button. I know its bad to do this.