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    I've built a quick GCW Zero section. The official word is that they will probably not allow these types of files on their "app store", most probably due to copyright issues. When the device is released I would love for us to host a complete selection of 3rd party games, applications, and emulation.

    The new category is located in Others > GCW Zero

    Here are the categories:
    - Applications
    Applications for the GCW Zero
    - Emulators
    Emulators for the GCW Zero
    - Firmware & Tools
    Fimrware & firmware related tools for the GCW Zero
    - Games
    Indy games and Homebrew for the GCW Zero
    - Other Files
    Other GCW Zero related files
    - Tools & Utilities
    GCW Zero coding and system related tools and utilities

    Everyone should have permissions to access these new categories, upload to them, and report on them to the moderating staff. If you feel anything should be changed, fixed, or adjusted, please let us know.

    -Another World
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