GCW Zero, OpenDingux Handheld Update

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    The GCW Zero development team is continually updating the firmware in an effort to perfect the overall experience. This recent update fixes headphone and audio related issues and file type detection. It also packs some new features which are all gmenu2x related: OPK detection without restarting the menu and a clock added to the bottom bar. A more detailed version of the changes can be found below.

    :arrow: GCW Zero Firmware Update
    :arrow: GCW Zero IRC Channel
    :arrow: GCW Forum
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    With the kickstarter + retail batch of units on their way to Justin, it hopefully won't be too long now until I finally have mine in my hands.
    Maybe August with luck, or September, we'll see.

    The continued software development has been pretty encouraging without a doubt, I wonder where they'll go next, without having a system yet myself I'm not totally aware of what things still need addressing or improving on, aside from the graphic drivers for better use of the hardware, and the drivers for TV-out.
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    Good to see gba temp keeping up with this I Got a unit sent out to me excited to see what it can do.
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    I can't find it anywhere.