GCOS Swapping Problems for Naruto GNT 4

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  1. koolok

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Hey guys I've bene having a lot of problems. I've searched through the forums and read every possible posting regarding the GCOS swap method.
    I've updated my wii using Wiikey 1.9....

    For Naruto, I used emukidd's GCOS V3 program. I followed the steps very carefully when burning the iso file. This was what I typed into the command prompt when it generated the iso file : make-multiv3.exe output.gcm USA Naruto.iso

    WHen I placed the GCOS disc into the wii, GCOS loads up... so i select "BOOT DVD"... then i swap it with the Nartuo disc that i have.. and select A.... but afte rthat... nothing happens...it doesn't even list the game... just a textless screen with the GCOS background....

    I also tried loading it without swapping discs... it lists the game 'Naruto 4".. but once i select it.. nothing happens again...

    A lot of the other post that i've read seem to have no problems at all. Could u guys help me out?
  2. shadowboy

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    What you should do is make a multiboot DVD with some other games on it (I use one with hitman, hulk, gotcha force, and double dash on it) and after the "when you put the dvd in the drive press A" screen switch them out and it works.

    Alternatively, the wiikey setup disc GCos function works too.
  3. zi70410

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    Nov 30, 2006
    that sucks man