GCOS not responding to my controller?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by EvoTroy, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. EvoTroy

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    Dec 14, 2006
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    I've been doing some searching and cant find an awnser anywhere. I'm trying to boot things with GCOS and as soon as it loads I cannot select any options... the controller just doesnt respond to boot DVD or anything. It works fine on my Wiikey setup disk... I dont have any actual gamecube games or backups to test. Could it be because I have a 3rd party controller by Microcon? Do I have to go buy an official controller> Bah, that would suck. Gotta jet to work, drop a message here and I'll read it when I get back. Thanks guys, you all rock!
  2. Sick Wario

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    hmmmm... i have a similar problem. my wavebird and 2 official GC pads work in wii, BUT a $5 GC pad form blockbuster won't work AT ALL on the wii

    this is not an isolated incident
  3. malachii69

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    I was told you should use a 1st party controller for GC stuff. I had 2 Madcatz contrllers that would not work as well...