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    Okay... Since I don't know the specifics, please keep your "flaming" to a minimum. Thanks! =)

    Now that The Homebrew Channel has the capability of passing direct hardware access to Applications, in theory, couldn't an application be written to "bridge" USB access to the Gamecube hardware playback? If so, then a USB Loader for Gamecube could now exist, right?

    Again... This is all in theory. If I'm way off, please feel free to enlighten me. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    No, i don't think this will work. The problem is that it WILL switch to gamecube mode, and in the gamecube mode you can only access sd card and gc controller.
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    Not only that it's already clear enough that this is very hard to do (and it's not that the new HBC would help, imo. Enough reasons, FIX94 said the easiest one.), you already know that you will get DIOS MIOS. So, why not be happy that you will get an GC USB-Loader, and shut up, please?*

    *And if you come up with: "But DIOS MIOS won't allow me to pirate GC-Games", then I'll say to you: Thank god, and now get lost. And if you come up with: "But my DVD-Drive is broken", then I'll say to you: Bad luck, guess it's now time to fix it.
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    WOW! That wasn't very nice. [​IMG] [​IMG] I pop in and out of the scene a lot, so I hadn't even heard of DIOS MIOS.
    ...and NO; I was NOT asking to pirate games! I have like 100 LEGAL Gamecube games, and it would be wonderful to have a nice USB Loader for them!

    Thanks, for the update, though, Blue-K
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    You know what? I'm getting as sick of your replies to all of the "GC USB Loader" type posts as you would feign to be of the posts themselves. Is there anything you don't already know about the subject? Probably not, so what compels you to click on every single new post/thread concerning the subject, only to complain about how sick and tired you are of these posts? Is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to not only read the posts, but to then take the time to reply with your holier-than-thou attitude? Why don't you just follow a bit of your own advice and stop reading these damn posts/threads or at the very least, if you're going to let your compulsion get the best of your every time you see one, read it but shut up and don't reply, please.*

    *If you don't like any talk regarding piracy, maybe it's you who should 'get lost'. In case you didn't notice, these forums have entire sections devoted to the 'pirate' scene releases and many members of the staff openly declare their pirating activities**. The only things not allowed with regards to piracy are those which gbatemp believes might get them into legal troubles.

    **Not that I suspect you believe my statement to be untrue, but here's a 'funny' thread I stumbled upon last night whilst researc...I mean 'stalking' UnFallen in order to confirm my suspicions that his latest thread was nothing but a trolling piss-take.


    And there are countless major release threads with at least one (but often more) staff member admitting to pirating (or planning to) the release.

    You're like the prude, whom despite claiming to be against nudity, hangs around at nude beaches or strip clubs. And you'd be the one who needed to get lost in that case too. But if by some chance, that was the only place you could get a fix of something else other than the nudity they're known for, maybe an all-you-can-eat buffet, then wouldn't the appropriate thing to do be to just shut up and eat your food and not cop attitudes with the others there for the nudity? Yes, I think so. Unfortunately, I suspect there are many beaches and all-you-can-eat buffets where nudity isn't allowed and I'd have to question why you were really there, regardless of whatever excuses you had to offer. [​IMG]
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    Do you have a link for that nude all-you-can-eat buffet? [​IMG]