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  1. Tsukurimashou

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Hi, my problem is a bit hard to explain so I'll do my best and sorry for my english.

    So I bought a WODE to be able to play my GC backups from USB, I have an US wii, 4.3U and I want to play PAL GC games (PAL because of french language, NTSC don't have french).
    The problem is when I load a game with WODE, then I launch the disk channel, the game is launching but there is no video (only sound blackscreen).
    So I tried a tons of options, with gecko OS, wode flow, wode usb loader, cMIOS, forcing pal 50/60 hz, forcing NTSC (on gecko OS), nothing worked.
    I finaly found how to get it work, neogamma (the lastest version) with no config, the games are working.

    So first I though it was my TV (Sony Bravia KDL-32L4000 if it can help). But if the games are running on neogamma I think my TV isn't the problem.
    I'm using YUV cable.

    I know I can use neogamma to launch my backup now but it's annoying to load the games 1st with the wode joystick, then to launch neogamma every time I want to play a game, so I'd like to know what is the problem because a lot of people can play out of region GC games on the wode without problem.

    For more information I tried to launch backup with and without the patch option (on the wode) in neogamma and it works with and without.

    I hope you'll understand my problem and thanks in advance!
  2. WiiPower

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    NeoGamma gets a different result, because NeoGamma is the only loader that boots retail GC discs(or backups with a chip) NOT by booting MIOS. Default setting is that it uses its own intergrated loader for gamecube games.

    You are using a component cable and try to play PAL games with it? PAL games don't really support 480p. Most likely MIOS is trying to use 480p to boot the game, while NeoGamma uses 480i. The setting in Gecko OS for example, doesn't affect the MIOS setting, in case you are wondering. Using the crap cables and/or setting your Wii to 480i should make the game playable from the disc channel. (and after booting them from there once, they should work in other loaders as well, because that updates the gamecube settings)
  3. Tsukurimashou

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Thanks for your reply, so there is no other way than changing the cable to be able to play GC games from the disk channel or other launchers?
  4. Lucif3r

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    Sep 10, 2011
    As WiiPower said, you can just switch to 480i in the wii settings menu. that should give the same result as using the crap cables.
  5. Nah3DS

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    Feb 9, 2010
    I have the "crap" cables (480i) and a 4.2u Wii with Wode. It doesnt matter wich loader I use.... always get no video signal, only audio. My lcd is a Samsung 40'' b550