GBMicro + EZFlashz IV problem with VisualBoyAdvance

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  1. Chunz_21

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    Dec 12, 2012
    first at all, I'm so sorry for my bad english, it's not my foreign language

    so, the problem is, I'm already playing my Pokemon game on my PC with the VisualBoyAdvance, and yesterday, I just bought a Gameboy Micro with EZFlash IV, and I have no problem using both of them, already flash it too.

    but now I want to move my Pokemon saved games (.sav) from my PC to my EZFlash IV, so it can playable on my Gameboy Micro.

    - copy and paste .sav to "saver" folder on my MiniSD - doesn't work
    - already read this whole thread, still can't understand :(

    my question is :

    1. whether any ROM (.gba) should be patched to my EZFlash IV? whats the point? I also can just copy-paste my fresh downloaded .gba file to my MiniSD, and works as well in my Gameboy Micro
    2. how the cheat / gameshark / codebreaker works on EZFlash IV? tried
    GBA Auto Trainer Maker(GBAATM) already, not working.

    NB : please explain with patience and easy understanding english :)
    and also sorry if I post in wrong sub-forum

    thanks in advance
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    1. GBA flash carts use SRAM to hold save games (until they are written to the miniSD at least) where in real GBA games they can pick from EEPROM, SRAM, Flash and no saving (usually passwords), aside from the games with no saver there are many sub types as well. For many games you can still copy them and have them run (not all games care if the save loads properly) but they will probably not be able to save (there are many different sub types of saver).
    It is hard for a GBA to tell what save type is being used where it is trivial for a PC to find out hence the suggestion that all games to be patched.

    2. Cheats. There is a cheat engine in the EZ4 but it is pain to use and was probably broken by a workaround we had to use to work around another bug. GBAATM (and GABSharky before it) does usually work so most people opt for that. Failing that saves are usually easy to transfer to emulators but more on that in a moment.

    As for VBA saves.... pokemon has a history of being really annoying for everybody- it is not as easy to initially hack, the saves are a pain to work around and Nintendo usually have a few little surprises in store for those playing in such worlds. For added annoyance basic VBA save handling is very very basic as well as it barely recognises that there are subtypes of save (did you have to select a certain type of save to have pokemon work initially?).
    That very thread is what I would usually link or tell you the same methods detailed within it.

    Can you try with another game (pretty much anything that is not pokemon, classic nes or Dragon Ball will do) using the basic method from that thread (file-> export -> battery file and make sure it is named the same as the patched ROM) and see if you can get that working, afterwards we can try tackling pokemon. I often find the little workaround to have VBA work with pokemon then troubles flash carts in this manner.
  3. Chunz_21

    Chunz_21 Newbie

    Dec 12, 2012
    thanks for your response dude ;)

    I already figure it out that if we are using VBA, the method of saving is must be Option > Emulator > Save Type > Flash & 128K (this is the whole problem), also check the Real Time Clock for some games. In that case, I can play the saved games from VBA to my EZ Flash IV, by exporting the battery file, and copy-paste it to my saver folder in my EZ Flash IV. It works like charm.

    And for the cheat, I found its really-really annoys me, GBAATM or GABSharky didn't help at all. And for the solution, I use the VBA, input the cheat / gameshark / codebreaker, and save the games, and export the battery file, and VOILA! It works! B-):sp:

    Thankyou :yaysp::bow:
    I think this thread can be closed now :)
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