GBM + Ez-4 Hardware Resetting

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    Mar 19, 2011
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    I have the GBM + Ez-4 setup that's ... basically ... what ... everyone ... here ... seems to have. I've noticed a hardware problem. Whenever I press firmly on the middle of the back of the system, the Ez-4 blacks out. I figure it's pushing the battery out of position. Is this a common issue, or do I have a badly built Ez-4? I know it's the flashcart because retail cartridges do not have the same problem.

    ... Also, I was looking at reviews to fix this, and was wondering if it would be useful to get a Supercard Mini SD. Did that hardware better support real-time clock games, or approach saves in a more agreeable fashion? Please note - I'm aware getting a Supercard Mini from a retailer is next to impossible - just wondering whether or not there would be any benefits to having one over an Ez-4.
  2. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    If pressing the middle-back of the system caused the problem, then wouldn't the problem come from the GBM and not the EZ4?
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    There is no real advantage to having a Supercard over an EZ-IV. GBA games still slowdown, and no Supercard ever had a real-time clock on board. Saving still relies on using the button combination or the quick-power-cycle method; I don't trust the SC's battery to hold my save for me.