GBC Graphics Editing?

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    Well, I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial to perform graphics editing on a GBC game.
    I've looked everywhere, and cannot really come up with any good information.
    From what I gather, I just need a tile editor, but don't I have to have the images already ripped from the rom? How do I do this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am obviously very new to any sort of rom hacking and have no clue...
    Also, if someone could give me download links for the utilities I'd need? The only ones I've found like to Zophars Domain, which is apparently down.
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    A tile editor will do and there are many good ones for the GBC.

    You do not have to have the images already made but it does help.

    GB docs:

    GB specific utilities

    Tile editors (I have several) also be sure to check out crystaltile2 (threads in the DS section).

    Tile editing documents (not necessarily for the GB but the same sorts of methods are used):

    If you have a more specific question (graphics hacking is one of the 4 major areas along with text, multimedia and the games core) post back and I will see what can be done.