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    Welcome to the GBL


    This will take place on pokemon showdown™ in the near future the rules are as follow:​
    • The format will be anything goes single battle
    • Megas are allowed
    • Battles will take place everyday - how long? That is depending on how many people join
    • Everyone is allowed to play
    • You must have your GBL team in your signature
    • We will need some way to keep score (i was thinking something like nintendo did for the NWC2015)
    • And as always have fun! - The more people who join the more fun this will be!
    • We will stream the battles as well on some twitch network
    How team picking will work​
    • You will get to draft between 12 pokemon
    • After you draft your first twelve post them here for others to revise or to let your self revise
    • you will have a week to revise your team until perfection
    • after that post your final team in your signature (pokemon only! Moves do not have to be there
    • Create a team name for your self example Boston Hawlucha's (yes I know that is shitty)
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