Gbatemp's 14 BiAnnual Hungry for Power Games

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Jul 12, 2012
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Hello and welcome to Gbatemp's 14 BiAnnual Hungry for Power Games, or Hunger Games for those that are used to it being called that. I welcome you all to participate with me in this event of courage, skill, trust, and most important of all ... luck. For those of you who are not in the know, this is an event that pits all of the participants against each other into a survival game to the death were each contestant uses their newly found resources to hunt down and remain the last person standing while allowing fate to guide you to victory or defeat. The winner gets to enjoy eternal bragging rights, Immunity from any rule the current EoF president proposes (If the current EoF president decides to participate in the games he must abide to this even if he or she did not read this section of the opening prompt or was edited in, this part is legally binding), and the respect/envy of all the other members while the fallen are branded as fellow losers and will become the laughing stock of the entire EoF, .... fun am I right. So come enjoy and observe this simulation as you watch your own alternate persona become stabbed by the person you thought to be your best friend or maybe you will see yourself fall into madness and became a blood thirsty murderer who inevitably gets unfairly killed by a BS arena event that kills half the participants, or you become part of a suicide pact group that doesn't even get to participate in the first day (talking about past experiences at this point).... or perhaps, maybe you get to watch as you successfully survive and claim victory on this game.


in order to participate, You must post and mention either "I volunteer as tribute" or simply say "I'm in", and then I would proceed to add you in the game. After all spots are filled, I will try to post periodically the results of the day at certain times so people do not miss to comment on the game. For those who want to know how this game works, here are some of the previous game that have happened before:

I would like to take some input on what creative ways a person could die or any specific sponsorships or events I could add in the game so feel free to suggest. To all of the contestants who will participate in this game, I wish you all good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.

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