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    Welcome back to the GBAtemp thoughts and links series. For those just joining us or returning following our hiatus this series is aimed to house articles, links of interest and news items that might not otherwise warrant a full portal post as well as trial new article types and other such things. This edition though is just a quick link across to our 360 releases roundup of 2011 as the other articles in the pipeline needed a bit more polishing before they got posted. For those unaware GBAtemp does have a small but tight knit 360 discussions section that does fairly well when it comes to keeping on top of things in that world.

    360 releases of 2011

    See the full article linked below for the lot but we thought 2011 was an interesting year for 360 releases as the later years of a console lifetime usually are and other 360 hacking developments with several big releases and what we hope is a sign of a change for the better with there being less of a "summer" (apologies to our Antipodean members) games drought than there ever has been. Hacking wise we saw the rise of XGD3 (a new disc format) and with it improved AP2.5 (an anti copy method that changed things to put the hacking side of things on the defence for a while at least), Microsoft reflashing DVD drives (a somewhat unexpected course of action) and a new hack in the reset glitch hack (aka RGH) which allowed pretty much anybody (some of the later and very first models have troubles) to turn their 360 into one with the same capabilities as a JTAG machine (a far reaching hacking method Microsoft blocked several years earlier).

    [​IMG] Discuss

    The GBATAL tag will get you other links to this series.
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