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  1. Raganook

    Raganook Raganook

    Aug 15, 2006
    United States
    -=Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament=-

    Challenger Defeated. Prize Awarded!

    A *BIG* Congratulations to M!L, who not only lost ZERO matches, but is the winner of a $100.00 Amazon gift card! May it buy you more happiness than the collection of hide you have collected through this tournament. A big round of applause ladies and gentlemen [​IMG]

    Loser's Bracket Matches

    Anaki VS Dino - Anaki
    RoxaS VS HAK - HAK
    HAK VS Yonex - HAK
    Dino VS LBLW - Dino
    Dino VS TehLink - Dino
    Sora VS Dino - Dino
    HeranBago VS HAK - HAK
    PK VS Puxel - PK
    DaDam VS Sora - Sora
    Nate VS Ozz - Ozz
    Dino VS Legal - Dino
    HAK VS Roy - HAK
    1chiban VS Judas - BOTH dropped, due to no posts/communication
    Matt VS MUGIW - Forfeit win awarded to MUGIW
    TheMN VS Ozz - Ozz
    Yonex VS Web - Yonex
    NaoTurtle VS MUGIW - NaoTurtle
    Ozz VS Yonex - Yonex
    HAK VS NaoTurtle - HAK


    Past Matches


    A "bye" means you had no opponent to play against, so you automatically won the round.

    HAK - Bye
    RoxaS - Bye
    LBLW - Bye
    Gaeon - Bye
    HeranBago - Bye

    TehLink VS puxeL - TehLink
    Naoturtle VS 1chiban - Naoturtle
    NIN VS Judas - NIN
    TheMN VS Legal - TheMN
    Yonex VS Sora - Yonex
    Roy VS Linkin - Forfeit victory awarded to Linkin
    PK VS Matt - Forfeit victory awarded to PK
    Anaki VS MUGIW - Forfeit victory awarded to Anaki
    Nate VS M!L - M!L
    Ozz VS Dino - Dino
    Web VS DaDAM - DaDAM


    TehLink VS HAK - TehLink
    Naoturtle VS NIN - NIN
    TheMN VS RoxaS - RoxaS
    Yonex VS LBLW - LBLW
    Linkin VS Gaeon - Gaeon
    PK VS Anaki - Anaki
    M!L VS Dino - M!L
    DaDAM VS HeranBago - HeranBago


    TehLink VS NIN - NIN
    RoxaS VS LBLW - RoxaS
    Gaeon VS Anaki - Anaki
    M!L VS HeranBago - M!L


    NIN VS RoxaS - NIN
    Anaki VS M!L - M!L

    Semi Finals

    NIN, who hasn't lost a SINGLE ROUND, with a PERFECT streak. Will this be his first?


    , who, believe it or not, ALSO hasn't lost a single round, and is ALSO on a PERFECT streak. This is truly a clash of the titans [​IMG]. I have bad news for one of you: you can't BOTH win this match 2-0. So what will it be...?

    What kind of tournament?

    Tournament will be double-elimination (aka you need to lose TWICE to drop out of the tournament). Brackets will be unseeded, unless we have a lot of people, in which case I may divide by region. Deadline to enter the tournament will be February 15th. Starting the 16th, players may begin their matches.

    You have 3 days to complete a match from the day it is posted. However, the quicker you do your match, the quicker you can move on to the next one. If your opponent no-shows, simply post it, and you will get a forfeit victory.

    How does it work?

    Starting the 16th, players simply need to contact each other and begin their matches. Players will play until 2 matches have been won by a single player, and then both players need to post the results. Simply post "TehLink beat Raganook 2-0" and "Raganook lost to TehLink 0-2", respectively. This is to confirm the results. I will then update the tournament bracket as early as immediately and as late as 8:00PM PST that day. As soon as you are in line to fight another person, go for it!



    ANY OF THE FOLLOWING RULES MAY BE CHANGED IF BOTH PARTIES AGREE. If one person does and one doesn't, rules will DEFAULT TO THE ONES LISTED BELOW! So if you BOTH want to do a Lip's Stick-only 20% Stamina match with handicaps of 1 on your custom stage "omg l00k", then by all means.

    1) Items set to OFF (Don't bitch and moan. Read what I wrote DIRECTLY above this.)
    2) Each player will select a stage they would like to play prior to the match. Communicate your stage to your opponent, and
    whether your map is first or second. CUSTOM STAGES ARE BANNED. ALL OTHER STAGES ARE FINE. Third map both players
    may select any map they wish (EXCEPT custom stages), and the Wii will randomly pick one of the two.
    3) Stock of 3, time limit of 5:00. All other options (damage ratio, handicap) are obviously set to their normal values. If neither
    player can set a timed stock match, then just do a 3 stock match.


    Other Notes

    Yes, I am aware it exists. Sometimes its a 1-second delay, sometimes it causes the game to become a photo slide show. NO match results will be overturned due to lag. I highly recommend playing some matches so you can get used to the delay prior to your tournament match. There WILL be another tournament when US servers open up, and then you can extract sweet revenge on ________, who ONLY won cause of lag.

    Disconnects and Cheating
    Purposely disconnecting if you are losing is obviously cheating. This is a serious accusation, and if two different players accuse you of doing this, I will black-list your friend code from both this tournament and any other tournaments I hold. And I mean ever. This also applies to you if you use some sort of cheating device or hack, though I trust you all not to do this [​IMG]

    Firewall Problems
    It is your responsibility to make sure you have your internet firewall set-up properly PRIOR to the match. If you can not figure out how to fix it on your agreed match date/time, you forfeit the win.

    Delays and No-shows
    Your opponent may claim a forfeit victory 15 minutes after the agreed match time if:
    1) You are futzing with your router
    2) You aren't present
    3) You left/went idle/are doing anything other than playing your match

    Community Disagreement
    None of these rules are set in stone until the tournament begins. If the community disagrees with anything I've laid out, speak
    up! The important thing is that this is fun and competitive, and I tried to accomplish that with the rules thus far, but am open
    to any suggested changes.

    How do I host/join a match?
    I've created an instructional thread just for you! Find it here : )

    Are there any banned glitches/explots?
    Currently, the only known glitch/exploit banned is Fox's infinite shine in Snake's level.

    Ok! Any questions? Post them in this thread!

    Update: A great way to practice/see how laggy things are/have fun is to fight people online [​IMG] Visit this thread to brawl immediately in preparation : )


    01. M!L - 2148-7405-3585 - None Specified - UK
    02. Legal - 2578 2373 1406 - - US, EST
    03. Yonex - 2750-0351-6556 - None Specified - US, EST
    04. Matt - 4382-1310-0410 - Xfire: yomatt2004 / MSN: - US, EST
    05. Roy - 3866-7303-8169 - AIM: KageNouchi / email: - US, CST
    06. PK - 0688-4524-6525 - email/msn: - Brasil (GMT -3)
    07. Judas - 3952 6262 6783 - - USA, EST
    08. DaDAM - 2019-8922-6504- AIM: inotmadeinchina / email: - US, PST
    09. Nate - 0903-2049-6805 - - Canada, PST
    10. NIN - 3222 4836 6175 - Xfire: Legendofninny - Netherlands
    11. Linkin - 4682 7717 7608 - - France
    12. HAK - 5155-2171-6848 - - Canada, GMT -5
    13. TheMN - 3952-6287-6005 - AIM: Aeari, Xfire : theman69 - US, EST
    14. Anaki - 3952-6305-8018 - Canada (Ontario)
    15. Ozz - 1547-4459-5924 - AIM:Tupacalypse568 - USA, CST
    16. Gaeon - 3651-9890-3282 - USA, EST
    17. Naoturtle - 4296-2281-9911 - IRC: Naoki, Channel: #smashbros on EFNet, MSN: - USA, EST
    18. LBLW - 3179-5341-2178 - USA, EST
    19. TehLink - 0645-5012-9585 - MSN:, AIM: ZimarAli, E-mail: - USA, EST
    20. RoxaS - 3651-9900-1184 - Email and MSN: - Peru, GMT -5
    21. Sora - 1332-7044-2047 - - Canada, CST
    22. HeranBago - 5198-1680-3008 -, AIM: heranbago - USA, PST
    23. puxeL - 2191-6931-5776 - XFire: Puxel, AIM: Puxel16,MSN/email: - USA, CST
    24. ???? - 3394-2931-8151 - - Virginia, EST
    25. DiNo - 5069-3187-1239 - MSN : - France, GMT+1
    26. 1chiban - 1676-2946-7532 - - GMT
    27. MUGIW - 3351-3323-1734 - USA, PST
  2. Mirato

    Mirato GBAtemp Fan

    Jan 23, 2008
    Im definetly up for it!! Was thinkin about this before. Im glad someone brought it up!! [​IMG]!
    In game nick = M!L

    FC = Mirato: 2148-7405-3585 ~-~ UK/London


    ps: This thread is gna start getting reaaaal busy lol
  3. Legalto

    Legalto Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    United States
    Sounds awesome. FC in sig. I live in U.S. East Coast. My game name is Legal. Best way to reach me is through email:

    I use gtalk through google as an instant messenger.
  4. Ninja.24

    Ninja.24 Newbie

    Feb 10, 2008
    United States
    Oh yea, I am so in. In game name, N|nja.24
  5. yonex204

    yonex204 GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 27, 2006
    Il join. I am in US East.
    Friend code is in Sig
    Brawl name is Yonex

    edit: oops forgot my e-mail its
  6. King Zargo

    King Zargo I'm a Star

    Aug 29, 2007
    I don't think its a good idea to let the Euro´s play against the US players. It will be to laggy.
  7. yo_matt2004

    yo_matt2004 Member

    Sep 1, 2007
    United States
    I'm in. I'm Eastern timezone, eastern US.
    Friend code is 4382-1310-0410
    Brawl name is Matt.
    I use Xfire and MSN.
    Xfire: yomatt2004
  8. Raganook

    Raganook Raganook

    Aug 15, 2006
    United States
    I thought so as well, but in the SSBB friend code post, people do it without a problem. Which is interesting [​IMG].

    If we get enough players from BOTH regions, I can split the tournament. But only if BOTH sides get a lot of people.
  9. Mirato

    Mirato GBAtemp Fan

    Jan 23, 2008
    very good point. Seperate tournament for Europe and US? Or maybe thats too much hassle. then theres a euro finalist vs US finalist?

    On the other hand tho, iv played alot of peeps from us and i have a quite decent conection with them. Sometimes even better then wen playin sum1 else in europe.

    I think if the person u are playin has a really good net speed then it doesnt matter too much where they live.
  10. GamerzInc

    GamerzInc GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 7, 2006
    Brawl FC: 3866-7303-8169
    Name: Roy
    Location: US Central
    Aim: KageNouchi
  11. pk!

    pk! Advanced Member

    Nov 17, 2006
    Brawl FC: 0688-4524-6525
    Name: PK
    Location: Brasil (GMT -3)
    msn & email:
  12. Judas543

    Judas543 Member

    Nov 30, 2007
    United States
    i'll definitely join

    FC = Judas: 3952 6262 6783 ~-~ USA/EST

  13. DaDAM

    DaDAM GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 14, 2006
    United States
    cool i'll join

    DaDAM - 2019-8922-6504- AIM: inotmadeinchina / email: - US, PST
  14. Ichiban

    Ichiban GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 20, 2005
    1chiban: Timezone GMT
  15. bugboy181

    bugboy181 Member

    Oct 19, 2007
    I'll join.

    FC: 0903-2049-6805
    Name: Nate
    Canada PST

    But its smarter to pm me...I think?
  16. Raganook

    Raganook Raganook

    Aug 15, 2006
    United States
    You have NOT been entered, because you have not given your region or timezone
  17. legendofninny

    legendofninny GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 7, 2005
    NIN: 3222 4836 6175 ~-~ Netherlands

    xfire: Legendofninny
  18. LinkinParkmetre

    LinkinParkmetre GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 30, 2008
    NICKNAME/ Linkin
    FC: 4682 7717 7608

  19. HAK_Devil

    HAK_Devil GBAtemp Regular

    Feb 2, 2008
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Yes a tourney without items!!! I would definitely love to join my and my information is as follows:

    Region: Canada, GMT -5

    Nickname: HAK

    FC: 5155-2171-6848


    prepare to feel the wrath of my pit and wolf
  20. drock360

    drock360 GBAtemp Fan

    Jan 31, 2008
    United States
    United States
    Isn't Super Smash Bros Brawl only out in Japan? How could we get a copy of a Japanese game? And aren't Wii's region-locked? How do you expect to play a Japanese Wii game on a region-locked Wii?