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    [​IMG] GBAtemp Roundup!
    News from the GBAtemp community

    Welcome to the first GBAtemp Roundup. A compilation of all the recent news and big threads from GBAtemp and our lovely community. That's you!

    DSware games dumped (sort of)
    A few DSware games have been dumped but are currently unplayable. The latest game 'Art Style: Code', is currently unplayable and don't expect to be playing it anytime soon either. The DSi has yet to be cracked, nevertheless it is an interesting development and sure to help the people trying to crack the DSi.

    [​IMG] DSiWare 0013: Art Style: CODE (Europe)

    Wii USB Loader guides
    Two very detailed guides and FAQs to help people install and run Waninkoko's Wii USB Loader have been added to the Wii - Hacking forum thanks to Darkzero51521 and BIG MOE. Be sure to drop by their profiles and send them a big 'Thank you' for their work. As you know the GBAtemp forums have been bustling with activity surrounding the USB Loader. These guides have attempted to clean up the clutter by answering some of the most commonly asked questions. We've pinned the guides for easy access. If you're new to the USB Loader check out the guides below:

    [​IMG] Tutorial to using USB Loader and FAQs
    [​IMG] Ultimate USB Loader & Accessories Bible for Dummies

    Ultimate Wii 4.0 upgrade guide
    Is your Wii still on 3.2 and you're interested in upgrading to 4.0 with all your homebrew capability intact but don't know what to do? I was in the same position. Thanks to the handy guide by assassda I've now upgraded my Wii to 4.0 with all the SD menu goodness while still keeping all my homebrew and hacks. Check out the guide if you're curious about updating.

    [​IMG] ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide

    User submitted news going strong
    Members with quick posting skills have kept our User Submitted News section flooded with the latest news. Hats off to them!

    [​IMG] Geckos 1.8 is out - posted by Anakir
    [​IMG] iTouch 2 coming - posted by mcjones92
    [​IMG] First DS/Wii Screens For Transformers 2 - posted by Hadrian
    [​IMG] More New Details on FFCC: Crystal Bearers - posted by Serabii
    [​IMG] New DS Racer From SEGA! - posted by Hadrian
    [​IMG] Sega Wants To Focus on Releasing Higher-Quality Games - posted by War

    If you'd like to post gaming related news please use our news posting script HERE. User submitted news is accessible by clicking the 'News' tab under latest discussions on the Portal.

    Acekard GBAtemp skin
    GBAtemp now has its very own Acekard skin thanks to Briankealing The snazzy looking Acekard skin is a great way to show off your GBAtemp pride. Be sure to check it out and also the Acekard forum in general to partake in the Acekard 2i discussion. It seems that a lot of our members have picked up Acekard 2i's for their brand spanking new Nintendo DSi, as it is one of only a handful of cards currently compatible with the new hardware.

    [​IMG] GBAtemp v3 AK skin
    [​IMG] Acekard forum section

    Site slowdowns
    Some of you may have noticed the site loading a little slowly lately due to all the traffic (thanks to the USB Loader no doubt...) We are aware of the problems and are constantly tinkering and fiddling around to improve the situation. A long term solution is being devised which should fix the slowdowns.

    CheatUp Released
    GBAtemp member Antoligy has released a useful program that will automatically download the latest Cheat Database file for your flashcard directly from GBAtemp. CheatUp can also show you the current change log and game list in addition to grabbing the latest database file. It is certainly a useful little program to automate your cheat file updates. Many thanks to the talented GBAtemp Cheat Database crew as well of course!

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Visit thread

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    I love the idea as there has been a lot of activity lately and it gets difficult to cope. [​IMG]
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    sweeeet I am up on the post lol
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    That's really good to hear. [​IMG]
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    Great stuff, nice to see all the stuff here in one place as well, hopefully this will stop many new threads about the same thing being created.
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    Nice to see some loader guides popping up, hopefully this stops the noob flood a bit.
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    A few tempcasts also happened including a Live one, a new live one should be happening this Saturday.
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    Yeah, the Tempcasts should be notable enough to be mentioned. Come on!
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    The reason I didn't add the tempcasts was because news about it was already under GBAtemp & Scene news on the portal. It wasn't far away. Not to detract from your awesome work on the tempcast but the News Roundup is really about getting exposure to the stuff going on in the forums that doesn't make the front page. The tempcast already does. No offense meant.
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    nice roundup, very useful, thanks!