GBAtemp Recommends #85 - Kirby Star Stacker (By Bortzy)

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    Welcome to the 85th issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This is a weekly feature where we share some our favourite games and the occasional "something else". Some may be well known, others I feel have been ignored but all are fantastic and deserve at least a play.


    Another one from Bortzy! This pink fella (Kirby not, Bortzy) is one of those rare video game icons whose spin off titles are mostly actually better than their main titles! Every now and again he does a dud but even they are better than the N64 game!

    This is the last edition for about a month or so, it's a pain just posting these with my crappy lappy so I'm waiting until my new one arrives before I do another.

    As puzzle games go, this one is kinda simple, but the charm and enjoyment it brings is worth mentioning if you haven't played it yet. This isn't a game that you will play for the gripping story, or the fantastic graphics, but when you need an old school time dump, try this out.

    The only two modes you need to worry about are the "story" and "challenge". Waiting on the title screen will take you into a tutorial that teaches you step by step how to play the game. Basically you match kirby's friends Rick the hamster, Coo the owl, and Kine the ocean sunfish. Two block drop in pairs. Either one of 3 friends or a star block. If you are unlucky, you will get steel blocks that must be sandwiched before they turn into star blocks for points. While matching friends removes the two from the board, it doesn't net you any points. The real hat trick is "sandwiching" star blocks in between two of the same friends. That is mostly the game. The tutorial will teach you how to get chains going, which drops stars from the sky which can link friends together who have empty space between them. The game ends when you fill all the way up the center two rows.

    Story mode give you a set number of stars to score before you lose. When you achieve the set number of stars, DeeDeeDee is satisfied and you move on to the next.
    Challenge mode is just an endless type game where you play against a fist that bumps up a row of block from the bottom every so often. Things get fast and hard around each 100 points you collect.

    Like I said, nothing super special, but incredibly fun, and something that should be on your DS GB emulator.

    Platform GameBoy / Super Famicom
    Released Developer HAL Laboratory
    Publisher Nintendo
    Genre Puzzle
    :bortz: :bortz: :bortz:

    Want to write us something? PM myself and I'll put it up! Please don't worry about images or videos as I can sort that out.
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    Now this is my childhood right here!
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    Another great GB(C) puzzle game I have to mention that everyone should have a ROM of is Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. It's not much different from the regular Puzzle League games, but it has a story mode that makes it a lot more fun than just a regular endless mode.
    Also the cute characters and great soundtrack (taken from G/S/C) make it all the better.
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    Man... I still own this game, dem memories :gba:
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    I thought I'd already seen this one. I would love to play this; always wanted to try a Kirby game on the GameBoy.
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    Loved this game and some of the other Kirby "spinoff" games! The "Arkanoid" style game was also great, and I think Kirby's Pinball was decent too(?), though I don't really remember if I actually played that last one all that much.

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    This game is great, I played several times with game yob emulator.
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    I totally forgot about that game. I should download a copy and write a recommends for that as well, as long as you dont mind me taking your idea.
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    Not at all. More exposure is always a good thing.