GBAtemp Recommends #71: Spider-Man 2 (PS2/GC/XBox Versions)

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    Welcome to the 71st issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This project is a weekly feature where we share our favourite games. The titles we recommend may be "old school" games, a piece of Homebrew, sleeper hits, or just stone cold classic but one thing's for certain, we think they are fantastic and deserve your attention!​
    ...did someone say Spider-Man thread?​
    Spider-Man 2



    The words "movie license" and "Activision" strikes fear in many gamers hearts but the first Spider-Man movie game wasn't too bad and Activision had a decent formula going on with the first PSX/N64 Spidey game (forget about the 2nd one). The next thing for the series was to go even further with BEING Spidey and that was to go free roaming GTA style!​
    The game is kinda based on the movie of the same name, it doesn't quite follow it much because well...that would kinda be dull. A video game would need to have a lot more action and less drama. Set two years after the last game, Peter Parker is finally adjusting to life as a superhero but still finding it hard to balance Petey life and Spidey life. While Doc Ock still gets messed up of the fudged up Nuclear Fusion thang and having his tentacle army thing take over his mind and spine...other elements not from the movies come into the game such as the escaped robber, Black Cat coming onto the scene to confuse his poor spider cock, Rhino causing destruction on the streets of Manhattan, Mysterio comes in to mess with peoples minds and Shocker pops up too excited to be in something other than a comic.​
    You have a set of story missions that you need to complete so that the progression of the story moves on. Like with GTA and it's ilk, some are enjoyable are just "FFS I WANT THIS MISSION TO END" but those don't last too long. Also like GTA, these story missions aren't the reason to play the game. It's the bits in-between that you can just go off to do. Once you are done with the tutorial chapters (which you can skip by climbing the building you start next to) all you want to do is swing around the city! I can't explain's just so damn well done. You FEEL like Spider-Man, every now and again someone calls for help and if you're not busy smiling your face off with glee because of the excellent swinging controls you drop by to save them. Be it fetch a balloon for a child, save a cat or just you know...FIGHT CRIME! This is the main appeal of the game and this is the only reason I go back to it. The game is quite rich with challenges for you to partake in, you'll want to beat your own times, you'll want to challenge friends to see who can swing around the city the's just one of those game. In a way it feels a lot like when you play the older Tony Hawk games, you just want to get your groove on and try some stuff out.​
    The fighting in the game is nicely done and feels quite natual and responsive. As well as kicking and punching you also have a neat array of web attacks that range from plain old wrapping them up to lassoing someone and swinging them about the place. Treyarch fixed a lot of problems of their first Spidey game and improved them too, cutting the crap right out.​
    The engine they created for this game feels just as it should for Spidey. Back then it was quite a good looking game and it's not so bad nowadays considering. There isn't any glitches or pop ups, you glide through the city very smoothly and that adds to the overall gameplay experience. The developer really did a great job at making the city landscape suit Webhead's athleticism so that leaping about the place doesn't feel like a chore and that you don't lose that Spidey feel. The indoor missions are also a lot better than the games before, with the camera being a lot tighter and gameplay being suitably better​
    Soundwise it's a bit of a letdown. At first hearing Bruce Campbell make his sarcastic quips make you think that this is going to lead to some of the best voice work going BUT the likes of Tobey "phoned in voicework" Maguire and the god awful "soundalikes" of MJ and J. Jonah Jameson (neither of which sound anything like their movie counterparts will make you want to turn the sound off for this game. The music is quite dramatic in a superhero fashion and fits the gameplay.​
    All in all it's not a perfect game, but turn the sound down and forget about the negatives. Spider-Man 2 is a nicely made game that'll keep you playing just so you can perfect your swinging, your tricks and basically fulfil most Spidey fans video game urges.​
    After this game Treyarch followed it up with the very impressive Ultimate Spider-Man which had a neat cell shaded feel. It was more of the same but it had more of a comic book feel to it and had more enjoyable missions. After that they did Spider-Man 3 also based on the film of the same name. It started off well and then it went to forget that game. Then came Web of Shadows which was just plain bad. That was Treyarch's last game before they just did Call of Duty games (the better ones). Still Activision carried on making Spider-Man games every year, most of them either bad or forgettable but I must mention that Shattered Memories on the Wii was a damn fine game.​
    Also note that I put "PS2/GC/Xbox Versions" in the title. This is because sadly the PC version is a very different game and it sucks, shame really. The PSP game wasn't so bad but it was more like the gameplay in Spider-Man: The Movie. Also of note Nintendo's own Reggie stated that the DS Spider-Man 2 game was his favourite DS launch game...that pretty much tells you that he knows shit about games.​
    By the way, please feel free to derail this thread with 60's Spidey. :wub:

    Genre: Free Roaming Action/Adventure​
    Released: 2004​
    Developer: Treyarch​
    Published by: Activision​
    Designed by: Akihiro Akaike​
    Directed by: Tomo Moriwaki​
    Released For: PS2/Xbox/Gamecube. Other platforms versions were different games.​
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    Jul 14, 2008
    You nailed it with your description....the real reason to play this is to swing through the city. It feels weird initially, but once you get used to it and can websling with ease it becomes a pleasure. Other than that I found this ok, although some of the various objectives were just annoying....I seem to recall an irritating fight with Dr Octopus with lots of lightning.
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    I've only played the first one for Xbox. Now I want to play this one.:yaysp:
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    While I prefer the 2 for the PS1, this one was still good.

    Also, Spiderman thread.
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    A friend had the PS2 version and really enjoyed it, I only ever played it round there though and I always seemed to drift towards and ultimately get stuck on the little residential island when free roaming.
  6. DS1

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    YES, YES, YES!!!!! This is the one sandbox game I enjoyed from start to finish, it is absolutely fantastic. Anyone who loves this game should also check out Infamous 2 (and possibly Infamous 1, though I never really got into it). It's almost like a spiritual successor.
  7. Gahars

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    "Higher, Peter, higher!"

    Mary Jane, do you know what happened to Gwen Stacy?

    Anyway, I have very, very fond memories of this game (and Ultimate Spider-Man. Can't say the same for Spider-Man 3, however...). The final Mysterio boss fight is quite possibly one of my favorite scenes in any game.

    I would definitely be up for an HD update (or fullblown remake). You listening, Activision?
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    I felt pretty much the same about this game. I'd do some missions, then spend two hours swinging through the city.

    There were two things I hated though.
    • Fight missions with those robot armor suits.
    • When little girls lost their balloons.
    Hardest parts of the game for me...
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  10. Danny600kill

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    Aug 3, 2009
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    I used to love this game, as mentioned this game was just so fun that I too would spend hours just swinging round, then maybe do a mission, then swing again.

    My favourite part was finding the tallest building and jumping and swinging through the whole city.

    Aww the memories :wub:
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  11. ferofax

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    Jan 26, 2009
    This reminds me, I need to get that Xbox modded. I've always liked Spidey's swingun around since back in the Genesis/SNES days.

    Also, Italian Spiderman.
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    I loved Bruce Campbell in this game.
  13. DS1

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    Yeah, my friend was like, 'Why did this game turn into Exosquad all of the sudden..." Of course by the point that those fights were coming up as random encounters, you had pretty awesome abilities.
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    not sure
  15. gokujr1000

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    I loved this game as a kid. I never truly felt any other Spider-Man game could ever recapture the awesome feels of web slinging through the city, that's when I found the Amazing Spider-Man game which was released last year. I definitely recommend that game for anyone who loved Spider-man 2.
  16. Lilith Valentine

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Actually this is my second favorite Spider-Man game (the PS1 Spider-Man is my favorite) and my favorite movie game. It's also my 3rd favorite xbox game too.
    I am also huge spider-man fan...I am going to go back and play this game now.
  17. shakirmoledina

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    spiderman has always been a great series. I think the concept of web swinging brings a lot of ideas into it.
  18. EJames2100

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    May 9, 2008
    I thought this game was amazing on the PS2, loved zipping through the city or climbing Sky Scrapers.
  19. urbanman2004

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    Yeah, I gotta play this.
  20. Yepi69

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    This game was the very definition of epic, I completed it 3 times already on the PS2 and the ability to go free roam is PERFECT!!! (unlike Spiderman 2/3 for the Wii *grumble* *grumble*)

    I love going to the highest tower on the map and just off it with full spring, then just watch Spidey break his legs lol.