GBAtemp Reccomends #73: Metal Slug 1st Mission

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    Welcome to the 73rd issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This is a weekly feature where we share our favourite games. Some may be well known, others we feel have been ignored but all are fantastic and deserve at least a play.​
    Metal Slug 1st Mission
    Neo Geo Pocket Colour was one of the finest handhelds around, but with very little 3rd party support with only Capcom really making many games for it. However this was released before SNK lost it's way and being by SNK it had some very fine first party games, one of which was this, the first and best handheld Metal Slug game.​
    The Metal Slug series is pretty famous for being one of the best in the run and gun genre, but this couldn't really be achieved all that well on an handheld like the NGPC without major slowdown so instead it was toned down and made a little less linear. Unlike other Metal Slug games, this one was actually developed by Ukiyotei Company (who also did the second game) and while you can still treat this as a run and gun, some of the time you'll need to take it easier to time jumps and duck from various hordes of bullets. Also when you die in this game, you get put into a prison where you must fight to get out by using only a knife.​
    One level you are on foot until you get into a Jet, from then on you are in a fairly typical (to the series) side scrolling shoot-em-up. When you get shot down on these levels, your character ejects out of the plane and you must then do a parachute jump and at the same time collect a load of crap and then you have to complete the level on foot, its variety in levels like this that makes this game instantly re-playable. The super deformed tanks are also included in this game, and its still just as much fun to gun down and run over the enemy as it was in the arcade game.​
    Graphically we have some very well drawn and animated sprites, as well as backgrounds which capture the series very well. The enemy soldiers always react to you when they see you by either looking freaked out or just pointing. Some are hiding behind various obstacles in comedic ways & others even read a newspaper while they're waiting to be attacked.​
    The sound could have been better, while they're not bad a few voice samples would have been great. Music is good but you won't find yourself whistling to any of the tunes.​
    This game also shows how the thumbstick on the NGPC works so damn well and is perfect for the arcade titles on the NGPC. If the NGPC had a d-pad this game wouldn't have worked so well, it needed a thumbstick like this.​
    Overall this is probably favourite Metal brain often thinks it's either this or Metal Slug 3, its such a shame that SNK have only done one other sequel to it. The action is very fluid and there are only little slowdown once in a while. The developers have done a really good job in capturing the look and feel while at the same time making it more than just another entry in the series, unlike Metal Slug 7. So far you can only get this for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, I hope one day SNK would get someone to revisit this series (hopefully someone competitent unlike those who did SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters DS) or at least make it for eShop Virtual Console.​
    Genre: Platform shooter
    Released: 1999
    Developer: Ukiyotei Company
    Published by: SNK
    Released For: Neo Geo Pocket Colour

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    Completed this game many years ago, Good classic fun!
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    This one was fun, very different from the rest of the series, totally worth the mention!
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    Interesting. The coverart for this game looks like pixelart (at least the character on it), I don't think I've seen that on coverart before.
    I've only barely tried the series in an arcade, and never played Neo-Geo Pocket. Sounds about as good as the ones I've tried though (which were fun)
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    Yessss, NGPC! It was amazing how well certain arcade games ported over to this handheld...
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    Easily my most played NGPC game outside of Capcom vs SNK and that SNK Card Fighting game. I miss my NGPC...
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    I always found metal slug games to be difficult. They were really fun but, like contra, you had to be a fan to keep going.
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