GBATemp Monthly WiFi Tournaments

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    [​IMG] GBATemp Monthly WiFi Tournaments
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    The GBAtemp WiFi is once again up and running. Due to requests the WiFi Nights will now be held on Wednesdays from 6-9pm EST in order to have more people on at one time.

    Another new thing is that there will now be tournaments every fourth week held by Sonicslasher where the winner will receive a price of his/her choice worth $15. The first tournament will be open to everyone, but in order to participate in the coming tournaments you must attend at least 2 Wifi Nights to attend the next one.
    The first upcoming tournament will be a Worms Open Warfare 2 tournament and it'll be held on next Wednesday (January 14th) at 6-9pm GMT-5.

    It would also be much appreciated if you either PM Sonicslasher or post in the Discussion topic if you want to attend in order for him to get an idea on how many people there'll be.

    [​IMG] GBAtemp Monthly WiFi Tournament's discussion thread and more information
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