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    [​IMG] Gbatemp Gang Garrison 2 night
    Come join the fun [​IMG]
    Time for some pixelated DEATH

    This Wednesday, at this time zeromac will be hosting GBAtemp's own Gang Garrison 2 Night (or day for those of you unlucky ones).

    For those of you that don't know, Gang Garrison is a 2D demake of the popular game Team Fortress 2. It features 8-bit graphics accompanied by some TF2 inspired maps. You can also play as all nine classes from TF2 making it a hectic and fun online multiplayer game. Best of all - its free!

    Yes that's right, now all us people here on the temp who can't afford a copy of Team Fortress 2 can now join in on some TF2 action! The game plays exactly like Team Fortress 2 save the graphics and some levels. There's even a map called 'truefort'! This game is a fun game to play in general and i thought it would be a good idea to have a little 'Gang Garrison Night' For those who are interested!

    I would also appreciate it if you guys set your nicknames to your gbatemp nick names, it's just that more fun when you know when you're not killing minox [​IMG]

    So come one come all and join in for some fun where we play non-stop bloody action and be sure to kick some ass in the meantime! [​IMG][/p]
    Server info:
    Name -
    Password - gbatemp
    Port - 8190[/p]
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Time
    [​IMG] Discuss
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