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    Welcome to the 22nd week of our GBAtemp book game club. The idea behind these threads is that each week something we feel deserves to be known about gets posted and then all those that wish to discuss things about the selection are able to do as such. Whether it be for astounding quality, because the developers tried something interesting or was notable as part of the industry itself it can appear. Commercial games are not the sole focus with with rom hacks, homebrew titles and otherwise also providing a good chunk of what we cover in this club. Although there are no themes or selection criteria beyond we you find some part enjoyable there are occasions where a couple of games can be listed for comparison or we narrow the selection down with regards to budget, release date, release location (best titles not available in North America for instance) or something along those lines.[/p]

    Week #22
    To celebrate the release of the oft requested homebrew DS port of Cannon Fodder the selection this week are a handful of games ported to the GBA and DS as homebrew and in doing so became some of the best titles on the platforms. We are kind of restricting this to direct ports- there are plenty of games "inspired" by others which are great in their own right (Still Alive DS and megaETK for instance).[/p]

    Lemmings DS.
    [​IMG] Project homepage
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    lemmings was an extremely popular puzzle series for many platforms back when but most notably the Amiga. The general idea is you have to get your lemmings (or a percentage thereof) to navigate a level by assigning them certain skills. This version features all the levels from original Amiga Lemmings,Oh-No! More Lemmings and Xmas Lemmings '91, '92, '93 and '94 (pretty much all the available levels aside from Lemmings 2: The Tribes and All New World of Lemmings).[/p]

    Codename Hacker (Chip's challenge)
    [​IMG] Project homepage
    [​IMG] Filetrip download

    Thanks to the author for the screenshot​

    Alekmaul is one of the most prolific homebrew developers on the DS and his port remake of Chips challenge which was a game that rose to noteriety as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. This port recreated the original levels and the fan sequel "Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2". He also made a nice port for the GBA.[/p]

    Luminesweeper- GBA
    [​IMG] Project homepage
    [​IMG] Filetrip download

    For a considerable time early on in the PSP lifetime lunines was one of the must have titles for the system. Damian Yerrick aka Tepples ported a version to/remade a version on the GBA where it became almost as popular as the PSP version it started as.[/p]


    Again this is just a tiny selection of the great ports avaialble (which themselves are a subset of the great homebrew available) for the GBA and DS. To this end homebrew ports on the DS... showing developers how it is done or not? Discuss this and share your other favourite ports of games to the DS (or the other consoles) in the discussion below.[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    Thanks to talk about Codename Hacker ^^
    Just one thing, it's not a port, it's a remake. Never know that there was something that can be port from original Chip Challenge.
    But you're right for one thing, levels are not from me ...
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    Oh my gosh. A Chip's Challenge remake? [​IMG]

    Loved it on my Amiga!

    *downloads instantaneously*

    Thanks Alekmaul [​IMG]
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    My apologies alekmaul; despite claiming otherwise I was a bit fast and lose with my definition of the term port.
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    I haven't played Chip's Challenge for a long time.
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    I don't even know what Chips Challenge is o.o