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    This would appear to be the 21st week of this thread or if you prefer six months but we still get people joining so the quick summary is this is the GBAtemp book game club. Each week a game is posted up that we feel deserves to known about for some reason (although not necessarily due to it being of astounding quality) and then all those that wish to discuss things about the game can do so. Rom hacks, homebrew titles, commercial games and otherwise can feature in this and as hinted at above it will not always be drawn from the top ?? games lists of the systems in question (although it is not limited to it we will tend to pull from the GBA, DS, Wii and gamecube) should something else be notable about the title. On occasion we might list a couple of games or have given theme or additional selection criteria (budget, launch/near launch....).[/p]

    Medabots GBA

    Several medabots games were made for the GBA but only two branches were released outside Japan with the first being Medabots AX (Medarot G in Japan) which was a fighting game and medabots (a localisation of medarot 2 core) which was an RPG that shared a lot in common with the anime series and one of the many many "pokemon clones" for the GBA (although we hold it exceeded expectations of the genre). Despite being a pokemon clone combat was surprisingly deep with terrain, medaforce, varied parts, stats, sharply limited moves and multiple opponents all combining to make something to think about although it was marred somewhat but a lack of random opponents (your bots could be wildly varied but your opponents were less so).
    The other medarot RPG titles were known as Medarot Navi and Shingata medarot which mixed things up a lot but neither have seen much work on the fan translation front, a sequel for this series was made for the DS and is known as Medarot DS but again nothing has yet surfaced on the translation front and there are a whole bunch of them for the gameboy and gameboy colour as well as a gamecube title.[/p]

    GBAtemp release thread

    First 5 minutes A video of a battle. There are several other (longer) battles and a lets play or two out there as well.

    Is pokemon bad enough without the cloning or does it now look like Game Freak should step it up a bit?[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    My first GBA game I liked as much as Pokemon Sapphire. Fond memories of this one, I think I played through the entire thing three times. It's only major flaw in my opinion is that the battles can be VERY long. I recommend using an emulator with speed up for that if you're impatient. Game is really worth playing, though. It's also quite funny at times, for example, when some evil guy presses a self-destruct button, Spyke is like: "What? That only happens in RPGs!"
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    I played one of these, it was fun. Wish they'd make a new game but, it's not popular or known of anymore so very doubtful. Altho Beyblade made a comback so who knows *shrug*
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    I loved this game back in the day, but haven't played it in forever.
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    I want Medabots DS translated =/
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    Mar 17, 2010
    I used to watch the show when I was younger, it was pretty good. Maybe I'll give this a try.
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    I played a lot of the game back in the day, but at a certain point, it gets overtly hard, grindy, and starts to drag on forever... never returned to it since.

    Awesome concept, but never really fulfils what it sets out to do.
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    I loved the fighting game. Good amount of customization and the combat was quite fun as well, never played the RPG.