GBAtemp game of the week- week #20

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    Most you probably know the deal by now but if you are just joining us this series is the GBAtemp book game club and we are at week #20. The idea is each week we post a game up and then others get to discuss it in whole or aspects of it that they feel warrant some discussion. Do note that we do not intend this solely as a top ?? games list but should a game be notable as a failed sequel or for some interesting mechanics it will find itself in among the top games. The games can come from commercial, homebrew, rom hacks or other areas (demos, games released without publishers and so forth). On top of this various themes and constraints might appear from time to time to change things up a bit.[/p]

    Sigma Star Saga GBA

    WayForward Technologies is the developer here who are known for various things including some decent licensed titles in their time but mainly for Shantae which is widely lauded as one of the top GBC games out there (and the DSiware sequel is not doing too bad either), a nice update of A boy and his Blob for the wii and on the DS for a stunning version of Contra in 2007's Contra 4. This game however differs from all three in being an interesting hybrid of RPG and 2d shooter (a "genre" later also seen in Knights in the Nightmare on the DS) which many consider to provide a nice counterpoint to the more relentless shooting stages (on the 2d shooter front it varies between missions a bit but it errs towards health based bullet hell). Rather nicely unlike some of the good and somewhat rare titles this does not command a high price on the second hand market.[/p]

    GBAtemp release thread

    First 5 minutes Gameplay wise it is pretty much all shooting but there are some walkthrough guides out there.

    Were 2d shooter and RPG two genres that should not have been crossed or have WayForward Technologies continued to show they can make some of the more interesting games on a platform?[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    As much as I like Wayforward games and I am really into the idea of this title, it wasn't done very well.

    There is no depth in the RPG it just chugs along, its ok enough but the bland gameplay, characters, story and the over emphasis on the random battles just grate. The shooter parts are so boring, kinda makes the segments redundant and worthless...might as well just put in cutscenes instead they're so lifeless and dull.

    Had they done this now it would have been a hell of a lot better.
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    I loved the story and characters... but the gameplay was just okay. I hated the fact that almost every 5 seconds you would run into a random battle on the overworld (got REALLY old after awhile). Haven't played it in awhile, but from what I remember, it was a good game nonetheless.
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    That really sums it up, no need to read further.
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    I really loved this game back when it came out. Nice story and if I recall correctly several endings. Also romance with space chicks.
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    i played just a little this game, it's really fun and addictive. I've just stopped playing because I was already playing another RPGs...
    Thanks for posting xD
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    Yeah... ambivalent about the gameplay, but it was fun while it lasted, and I did enjoy the story. If anyone's curious about that and don't want to play through the game, I wrote the script for it on GameFAQs (/shameless plug).
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    lol at Independence Day at 4:42 in the video. I forgot about that.

    I played this game. The first time through i stopped because of all the bugs i had to deal with.

    The second time i pushed through.
    The good:
    Interesting mix between rpg and space shooter
    Costumes-Parasite skins are awesome
    story-boring at first and later you get double crossed by your boss. At the end the game does a very good job of feeling alone in the world.

    game mechanics-the random shooting parts are cool at first but get boring quickly
    -also random ships. Usually you get good ones that are small and fast (the baby octopus, squid, Shark is the fastest) but heaven forbid you get the whale, which on the first hit you get sent off as a shark thank goodness. but the worst is the bumble bee. Huge and slowest.
    -the map is WAY too far zoomed in to be a decent overhead game. the camera is almost right on top of your character and its so hard to see where your going and where anything is.
    -4 endings, why is this bad bortz? cause all it is, is a different end dialoge. its alot of hours for like 15 seconds of talking between the guy, human girl, and/or alien girl.

    i dont know, i would really like to see this remade with better mechanics and maps.
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    it seems like a new genre of a game. thats cool and i never played or got this which caught my attention

    for a list of all ds games that i have, see this html file and ignore the letterno combination

    EDIT: I will upload it a little later as i got no electricity and the desktop is off

    EDIT: I think a blog entry would be good so check it out here
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    I've seen all the endings, and I'm assuming I did it by loading a save, but I can't quite remember.