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    [h2]GBAtemp book game club #80[/h2]

    Denki Blocks (GBA)
    The developer of Denki Blocks is a Scottish company going by the name Denki and are known by various people for various things, on the GBA though they are probably better known for Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island which was actually of the earliest entries in the original GBAtemp Recommends! feature and another great example of why licensed titles should not always be dismissed. Back to Denki Blocks though, Nintendo handhelds have long been the refuge of the quirky puzzle game and this is one of more interesting ones and many would argue it is also a good study in the oft sought "easy to learn and hard to master" principle (even if later levels end up truly hard and doubly so in perfection mode). Being a set group of puzzles game it potentially suffers a replayability problem similar to picross type titles but that never stopped anybody giving it a quick go through. Gameplay itself is probably best described as "what if a multi ball maze was rendered as a nominally turn based puzzle" and as such the job of the player is to connect their coloured pieces together in the fewest amount of moves. Although we try not to duplicate games between our various game recommendation features we do feel the need to note that Kivan, GBAtemp's founder, included it among his puzzle game special.
    There is also a GBC version and a PSP mini doing the rounds. It was also made for set top boxes (in this case Sky) and somewhat recently an IOS port crept out as well as Android (some versions of which are even free), flash (note that the flash version is far more simplistic than the "real thing") and all sorts of other platforms.

    An old E3 trailer, various videos from various platforms are available​
    Another GBA game that was technically released before the forums came into being but as the North American release hit several years later there is that

    Somehow this game seems to have found itself on worst lists for the GBA, agree or disagree?

    We are working on getting a new searching mechanism working with the new forum software now our tag system has been changed. In the meantime all the editions are in this section and hopefully GBAGOTW should get you the other entries in the series. gbagotw.

    GBAtemp does not wish to be a glorified newswire site and as such we have several features aimed at various things. Several of those, which does include GBAtemp book game club/GBAtemp game of the week, are aimed at sharing interesting games. The one line summary of this feature is it aims to be a user driven review/discussion of a selected title. GBA, DS and Wii games will be our usual fare here though if the DS game emulate something well it might get a look in here and will try to note if a selection got versions of some form on another platform. That said the commercial, homebrew code, ROM hacks and things like leaked betas/unreleased games look to be keeping us well stocked with potential selections for some time to come.
    This is no best ? games for these consoles feature however and game developers that try new and interesting, seldom attempted or otherwise relevant things (final game from a developer for instance) it could just as easily find itself the subject of this feature.

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    Interesting concept, but I started hating it after the first few levels :P
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    I first discovered Denki blocks whilst visiting my grand parents who had Sky satellite TV (few people had it at the time), it was one of the playable games on their interactive TV services.

    Interested when I saw the game for GBA at my local game store I decided to pick it up, enjoying what I'd played on Sky TV.

    It is okay for the first few selections of puzzles but gradually you'll just find puzzles a lot more frustrating and that don't really "click". I don't remember if the game had a rewind option or not but the puzzles required too much planning ahead and tended to reward trial and error a little too much.
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    Adored this one, played it twice :) There is *one* level I still just can't beat but I refuse to look it up. I will get you one day, crazy green witch lady! *shakefist*

    Tried the Android version too, playable but gotta admit the GBA's gamepad works a lot better than Android's touchscreen controls.
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