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    [h2]GBAtemp book game club #79[/h2]

    Turok: Evolution (GBA)

    It is probably best we start this with something of an apology for although the single player is good it is the multiplayer co-op where this shines and most people probably lack the hardware at present to experience that; you can get a good chunk of the way with the link options of VBA-m (and VBAlink before it) though.
    Anyway then Turok.... although Turok is a long running comic book franchise the first encounter most would have had with the series would have been the N64 title "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter". Said N64 game has aged about as well as any FPS from the early N64 (or indeed any N64 FPS that did not get a remake) but at the time it was a very well liked game, being one of the better European launch titles did not hurt matters there however. A few quite nice titles which expanded upon the franchise followed and it more or less became a history lesson in FPS gameplay conventions progression ending with the less than stellar 2008 title "Turok".
    As has happened a few times over the course of this feature, what with us being focused on the somewhat alternative consoles and handhelds, we get to see the shadow series' as they play out on such devices and the story of handheld Turok is one worth telling. Many are often quick to dismiss handheld titles that share a name with console or PC games as cheap cash in games as indeed they often are, however to do it exclusively would see you miss out on several great titles including this one. In this case it does share a name with a console title of the same name which was released at the end of the summer drought in 2003, but where the home console game sits more or less forgotten the portable version has a special place in the hearts of many by virtue of said well executed co-op mode among other things.
    Gameplay itself is another side scrolling shooting driven game somewhat similar to last edition's Gunstar games (and in a lot of ways worthy of being mentioned among genre luminaries like contra) although this might be even less forgiving. Next week we will definitely not be doing another shooting title.

    Gameplay video, longplays and more are available​
    No GBAtemp thread today as the game was actually released a few months before the forums came into being.​

    Anyway another week and another side scrolling shooting game, but is this one any good? The fourth GB/GBC title "Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion" is a great example of the gameboy staple of the isometic/top down fighting/shooting game, the previous titles are somewhat more forgettable so you can ignore them if you want.
    You might also enjoy one of the other titles from the developer in "Lady Sia" which is also for the GBA.

    We are working on getting a new searching mechanism working with the new forum software now our tag system has been changed. In the meantime all the editions are in this section and hopefully GBAGOTW should get you the other entries in the series. gbagotw.

    As we aspire to have more than rehashed stories from other sites we at GBAtemp have a few features and the one you are presently reading is GBAtemp book game club/GBAtemp game of the week. The short version is we aim to have this as a user driven review/discussion of a selected title. The selected titles for the feature will typically be drawn from GBA, DS and Wii games (be they commercial, homebrew code, ROM hacks or things like leaked betas/unreleased games) although we will occasionally look at titles the DS can emulate and we will also try to note it if a title has an entry on another platform.
    At this time we wish to make clear that this is not aiming to be a best ? games feature we are constructing week by week and as such we will be looking at anything as long as it has an interesting feature. Of course we have to actually play these games so we do not wish to delve too far into the "utter garbage" pile as a sole selection for an edition.

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    I actually have this game but for the GameCube.
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    For me all Turok games are total crap with exception to this GBA game, it was a decent side scrolling shooter.

    Also I still have the cart for Lady Sia, a very underrated gem and one I'm featuring soon on the Recommends thing.
  4. Ethevion

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    I had the ps2 version and it sucked. The weapons however, were very cool and unique.
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