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    [h2]GBAtemp book game club #78[/h2]

    Gunstar Super heroes (GBA)

    Our "what this feature is about" section usually takes the time to note this is not aiming to be a slowly constructed top ? games list with user reviews but a feature that also looks at some of the more interesting ideas that might have fallen short. When we do pick based mainly on quality we start to notice certain patterns in the developers/publishers we tend to select games from and Treasure Co are often in the shortlist. Today we have the GBA sequel to the megadrive/genesis legend "Gunstar Heroes" (actually the DS has a pretty good megadrive/genesis emulator and it is available for all three consoles on their online games options so consider that part of this selection as well). Gameplay is reasonably similar for both titles though it is a bit hard to nail down completely, that said if you took the megaman platformers in the ZX series and ramped up the speed several times you would probably get somewhere close.
    Depending upon the person you find yourself speaking to the sales of the GBA game made it a borderline flop and it was almost always going to exist in the shadow of its predecessor and as such it has gone somewhat under the radar in recent years, that said although some consider it a collectors item it is actually surprisingly available and surprisingly cheap where it is available. Note that it was also known as Gunstar Future Heroes in Europe.

    First few minutes of gameplay- speedruns and more are available​

    Although when considering Treasure Co titles on the GBA it is Astro boy Omega Factor that usually sits in the top spot we hold this is definitely worth a look at. Still does it do the original justice or might it be said to be just a half decent cash in type game?

    We are working on getting a new searching mechanism working with the new forum software now our tag system has been changed. In the meantime all the editions are in this section and hopefully GBAGOTW should get you the other entries in the series. gbagotw.

    GBAtemp book game club/GBAtemp game of the week is one of GBAtemp's features, in it we would like to get some discussion of our selection for the week going on among those that wish to participate. As we noted in the opening part this is not about slowly creating a top ? titles list and we may well include titles that fell short of classic status but were important to a company, tried something new or were otherwise noteworthy.
    ROM hacks, commercial releases, homebrew code and leaked/beta code for the GBA, DS and Wii are where we tend to draw from though the occasional dip into titles emulatable by the DS is not out of the realms of possibility.
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    I love everything Treasure!
    The two GBA sequels (this game and Advance Guardian Heroes) weren't as good as it predecessors.
    Funny how Treasure was formed by ex Konami devs that were tired of making sequel after sequel :lol: . That kinda explains why these two gba games fell short of expectations.

    S&P Star Successor being the exception here.
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    A good but not great game. Compared to similar games like it that were released at the time, it stood out but it certainly didn't feel as if as much love and effort went into this game. Apart from Sing & Punishment 2, their sequels to classic to be really lacking, especially Bangai-O Spirits which turned out to be very different to the original. They did originally have a "no sequels" policy when they first started but I guess the ideas well ran dry.
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    This is hands down one of my favourite GBA game, glad to see it identified.

    It's a shame that it's a relatively short game though.
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    I wouldn't say the well ran dry so much as the money ran out for doing new and original ideas. Even in 2005, Treasure was having a hard time self funding projects, which is why you were seeing a lot of 2nd party titles like Wario World and 3rd party stuff like Bleach starting to come out from them.

    That's why when Sega and MS both came a calling with bags of money for HD versions of Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes for XBLA they complied. You ever wonder why Treasure hasn't done any PS3 work, because they aren't familiar with the system enough and cannot afford to have their programmers take the time and learn it. Maegawa has said as much. And also due to the lack of funds and creativity, this was a direct cause of why Iuchi left the company (see his 3DS tank game with G.Rev.)

    I still love them, but I'm sad due to the marketplace today that there really isn't a place for them anymore. I don't want them to fold or close, to be bought out would put them in a position of loss of creative control (which they are in now anyway, due to no money to create anything new) or they can continue on doing licensed titles until one of the above happens.

    They need to pull a Double Fine and do smaller digital only titles and rediscover what made them unique and beloved all these years, sad part is can they do it before it is too late?
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    I totally want a remake of this, I played Gunstar Heroes on my Mega Drive (Genesis) when I was little and I LOVED it.
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    It wasn't that long ago myself and shaunj66 were having a run through on the megadrive version, we had such a good laugh playing it with the ridiculous amount of bosses in there. I didn't know there was this port, I'll have to give this game a go.
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    Yeah, I recently started to play GBA games on the bus to work ( it's a relatively short trip, so PSP and DSiXL are not an option ) and I was looking for some hidden gem I didn't play it before...
    This seems to fit the bill quite nicely, I'll try it later today....
  9. Ethevion

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    I used to play Gunstar Heroes on my Genesis as a kid and I loved the shit out of that game. Amazingly, I never knew they made Gunstar Heroes games for GBA. :/
  10. Arm73

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    Wow...I've been playing this on the Bus for the past couple of days and I'm blown away.....I think is one of the best GBA games I've experienced !
    I guess I overlooked it because it came so late into the handheld's life that I was probably moving on to better things, without realizing that the GBA was the best thing that will ever be....
    Almost 2013 and all of my handhelds collecting dust while the GBA is still going strong......keep 'em coming !
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    I've played this game before. I thought it was pretty fun, but I think I actually liked its genesis predecessor more. Probably because I played that one co-op, and I played this one solo. :/
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    One of the hardest GBAs I've ever played