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    GBAtemp book game club is go for edition #72. Even though we are 72 editions deep a quick overview of the idea behind this works well. Being a gaming website we like games and as such we have several features geared towards sharing games worth playing, this is one such feature but beyond our suggesting the title we hold the bulk of this feature is about those wishing to join in and discussing the title rather than a member of staff or a guest reviewer.
    The systems we are most likely to tap for suggestions in this feature are the GBA, DS and Wii with the actual selections coming from the huge libraries of commercial releases, homebrew code, leaked code and ROM hacks each of those have, there will be occasions where something the DS can emulate will be picked.
    How selections are made is not something we really share but the purpose of this is not to have a community review led top ? games list as there are several things that said lists usually miss out, a pity as innovation is still a thing if you look hard enough. There might be the occasional special reason or theme which we will note and as well as that there can be compare and contrast type threads for related games. On the subject of related games if a franchise has a few similar entries they might be covered as a whole but for the most part it will be one game per edition.

    #72 - Elite Forces Unit 77 (NDS)

    In the past we have had to stop ourselves waxing nostalgic about certain styles of gameplay (and in the case of point and click adventures why there were not more of them on the DS) with the top down squad strategy game being among those that tend not to be seen that often any more. The developers Abylight and publishers Gammick Entertainment usually put out what would be dubbed quintessential handheld and downloadable titles like Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ but this one sits somewhat aside from those. The tone of the game itself is something of a throwback to 80's action films although the mechanics are probably closer to something like Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (albeit a tad more forgiving than that game which is nice as the touchscreen takes a bit of getting used to) than the likes of Syndicate. As with most of these sorts of the games the first missions are something of a tutorial so stick with it and the difficulty and planning required ramps up.
    There is also an enhanced DSiware version available as of late last year which sports several improvements, most notably a multiplayer element.

    DSiware trailer

    One of the attempts at a real time game like this that worked on the DS or another for the list of failures?
    On a related note, and one we have discussed in the past, it took a long time and it eventually fell to a homebrew developer to do it but Cannon Fodder did eventually appear on the DS.

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series
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    One of those games people got hyped up for when I used to do the "DS Releases for the Week..." threads. Took ages to come out, always got put back to another month and when it eventually came out it turned out to be the videogame equivalent of "meh".
  3. shakirmoledina

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    lol insecticide

    I feel operation vietnam was also a great game of this gen but kinda slow paced
  4. Hadrian

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    The detective parts were good but the rest were "kill it with fire".
  5. cracker

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    I don't ever remember seeing or "testing" this game at all. It reminds me of MGS with an arcade style. I'll be sure to check this out! Thanks!
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