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    Go go GBAtemp book game club's edition 66. GBAtemp book game club is one of the features we have around here that aim to highlight good games, games you should know about and otherwise interesting games with this one in particular being less about us reviewing a game and more about providing somewhere for those that wish to join in to discuss the title.
    For the most part this series will see us plunder the libraries of commercial releases, homebrew games, ROM hacks and the likes of leaked code for the GBA, DS and Wii although should the DS be able to emulate something then something there can be seen as well and if there are notable entries in a franchise or versions on another platform those will hopefully be noted as well.
    We have not great desire to elaborate on the selection process although making this a top ? games list in all but name is not what we are about although if we do have a special reason for picking a game (we had a run of games released in Europe but not North America a while back for instance) it will be mentioned. For the most part we will try to restrict it to a single game or a couple of related ones but there will be the occasional compare and contrast or challenge/run posed.

    #66 - (Settlers of) Catan and Carcassonne (NDS)

    Strictly speaking they are not related games but when their board game origins are discussed the two games are usually mentioned in the same breath so they are combined for this edition of the club. As just noted these games are board games and are usually cited as great examples of the so called German board game genre but unlike the likes of monopoly, risk, trivial pursuit and chess they have not often made the jump to computer games and not necessarily for the same reasons games like Go rarely get proper versions made. Still the DS got versions of the games in 2009 and they succeed in being workable versions of each game despite companies usually seen making educational software and such being responsible for them. Thematically they are quite similar at first glance (both revolve around building up a land, dealing with other players and winning is determined by points) although Carcassonne is significantly more complex both to learn and once you get to the point where you start thinking about strategies for real and as such the simpler Settlers of Catan game finds a place although both games are served by tutorials better than most games, especially DS games, see. Catan has the seafarers expansion built in and Carcassonne should have a few themes/scenarios as well.
    Both titles saw versions made for the XBLA service (Catan has several other versions nowadays) both of which became quite popular and we will certainly not deny in many ways they are superior computerised versions but in the absence of a portable 360 worse could be done.

    First here is to more classic board games being remade in electronic form (we should note USM also made a version of Keltis) but the questions here are surely
    If you are a player of either board game does it stack up?
    If you are just someone interested in the idea of it does it stack up?
    Do computerised versions of board games not really allowing house rules or perhaps not having the greatest variety in expansions trouble things?

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series
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    I've been told that Settlers of Catan is a really good game... does this version has wifi or wireless? It would be really good to play it with friends.
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    Yeah I probably should have addressed that- there should be (I do not have my DS to hand right now) some wifi options available for Catan and local play at least for Carcassonne (although it has better single pak support which is to say it has something) but I am not sure about Wifi. I will check when I am back with my DS.

    Also reading around there was a homebrew Puerto Rico at one point which I had somehow missed until 5 minutes ago...
    Oh yeah if we are still on board games Scotland Yard also made the transition to the DS (apparently nicer than the above two according to the few things I have read) but I think I played the board game once when I was rather worse for wear and never touched the DS version but this is rapidly getting off topic. Before I get back on topic though I will plug my card games on the DS project (not least of all because many have half decent board games among their collections)-
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    I have been willing to try out Catan for a year or more now I think, but never got around to it.
    I'll try Carcassonne en Scotland Yard too.
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    Never heard about these games... But I might take a look.
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    I really like the Catan boardgames and have also heard good things about Carcassonne.
    It sounds really interesting, to be able to play the different Catan scenarios with the DS game, will definitely give it a try.
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    I have both of these: Catan has local multi dual card needed and Carcassonne has local Multiplayer also but double & single card download (hosting the game) is possible. Both have champaign and free play. Both very enjoyable and both worth it for the fans at least. The AI in each I found to be challenging and not dumb as many games these types have super easy AI. In both cases graphics of course leave somehting to be desired but not horrible.