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    Edition 60 of GBAtemp book game club is the order of the day right now. The series is one we started to cover all the interesting titles (note this means we are not limiting ourselves to top ? lists of games) out there but more importantly it is there for those that have played it to have a chance to discuss it.
    ROM hacks, homebrew titles, leaked code and commercial games for the GBA, DS and Wii would be the official focus of the series but we might stray outside that from time to time if something can be emulated well on the DS. There might be the odd run or in game challenge posed in a game (and maybe a ROM hack to enable it) but for the most part we are interested in the discussion of the game as a whole or some notable features within it.

    #60 - Worms Open Warfare 2 (NDS)

    Although this edition is ostensibly about Worms Open Warfare 2 we can not make a thread and not discuss the series as a whole or the series as it played out on consoles or indeed the series as it played out on handhelds. Most people reading have probably encountered the Worms franchise at one point in time or another but it all started in 1995 when Team17, the developers then and to this day give or take a few ports and spinoffs, released the first of what not their only franchise but the one they would become best known for to the Amiga. Depending upon the person you find yourself speaking it is either the evolution of the artillery games or a genre unto itself, either way you control a squad of the titular worms in close combat with one or more other squads of worms (that sort of thing could still happen at that point in time) and for many it achieved the often sought status of easy to learn but hard to master.
    Although the series would do well on the Amiga and PC in the years to come (give or take attempts to take worms into 3d) and continue to see a steady stream of refinements the trips to consoles were not quite as smooth as they could be but compared to fellow Amiga alumni Lemmings and Cannon Fodder it had a considerably better time of things.

    The handheld titles on the other hand are a slightly different story; they certainly have their fans and even though this is not a compare and contrast the gameboy, gameboy color and GBA versions are worth a look as pieces of history if nothing else. With the handhelds becoming the home of the older titles that classic titles that had not yet fully made the jump to 3d Team17 tried their hand at a DS game not that long into the DS lifetime with the Worms Open warfare series being the result. The DS version of the first Worms Open Warfare title was quite rightly not looked upon highly (the PSP version is OK though) despite being the first console to have the potential controls to stack up against a mouse and keyboard. With the first DS Worms title being considered a cash in on the name at best in the eyes of many the second title, announced for release about a year after the first, was not that highly anticipated but Team17 had taken the time to get things sorted and the resulting game was considered an all round improvement and worthy entry into the franchise by most.

    A trailer that was released for the game

    Finally a true entry in the worms franchise on the DS, should we have picked the PSP version instead or an embarrassment for all concerned? There is also a nice little multiplayer Worms themed homebrew available for the DS.

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series
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    its an excellent series and i played this game... it reminded me of how great the series still is. amazing wifi multiplayer too.
  3. EyeZ

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    I haven't tried Worms because the trailers i've watched leaves me like...meh

    I have wanted to give it a chance but haven't go round to it yet, even tho it was a Steam deal a couple of weeks ago.
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    I actually own Open Warfare 1, but I heard 2 was much better, with lots of more options. Don't know the exact differences though, but FAST might.

    I did always enjoy Worms on the PC, I started with the first original worms game on some shareware disc, which looked like this back then:
    Also played Worms 2 and Armageddon, which were awesome too.
    Also used to play Armageddon online, anyone remember those Ninja Rope servers, where people were Ninja Roping like crazy.
    Here's an example and yes they only use 1 rope:
  5. JackSakamoto

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    Sep 13, 2009
    The 2nd one is much better than the 1st episode. however,I had a lot of in-game crashes.
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