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Nov 21, 2005
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GBAtemp book game club is upon you. In this series we make a selection of a game, a series or a group of related games and if you play it or have played it before you are invited to comment on it and discuss it with the others in the thread.
How we make selections we are not really going to detail other than to say we do wish to make an interesting series so we do not aim to select complete wastes of time but that does not mean this is going to be a top ? games (maybe refined by genre or platform).
That is not to say we will not stick some additional criteria on a selection from time to time such as being available right now for next to nothing, not being published in North America (we did a nice run of those a few months back) or something simple like selecting from a given time period or out of a limited run.
Achievements/trophies were once known as game runs and challenges so keeping with the spirit of that we pose one of those.
Although not explicitly limited to it if the DS can emulate it or it comes on GBA, DS or Wii the libraries of rom hacks, commercial releases, leaked beta code and homebrew will tend to provide our selections.

#47- Donkey Kong/DK Jungle Climber (DS)

Donkey Kong has been around a while and back on the SNES and to a lesser extent N64 the character saw some amazing platformers that have been heralded as some of the best on the systems. Rare was the company behind it (although Nintendo held the rights) and since their being sold to Microsoft (the history of the company is quite interesting so do have a watch of the series linked as it covers it quite nicely) Nintendo has let Donkey Kong flounder a bit in recent years. However much like Mario Nintendo has Donkey Kong put in an appearance here and there in games and still puts out the occasional game with the characters in. One of these games was the climber series that first appeared on the GBA as DK: King of Swing although some have argued it is a spiritual sequel of sorts to the nes classic Clu Clu land. The game itself plays something like a what if the fence climbing sections of Mario Platformers became a whole game and in some regards plays quite similarly to our recent selection Go! Go! Cosmo Cops! although we hold a charge of "clone" would not stick.

Video of the introduction and first level


GBAtemp release thread[/p]

Evidence that selling Rare was a bad move or Nintendo doing something quite innovative?[/p]

gbagotw should get you other links in this series



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This was an excellent game though I did prefer the GBA game.

Nintendo was right to sell Rare, what would have happened if they hadn't? Well a lot of ok enough games that didn't sell. Rare are now reduced to making Wii Sports style games...which aren't as good as Wii Sports.

Also Retro have now made a better Donkey Kong Country game.

The game itself plays something like a what if the fence climbing sections of Mario Platformers became a whole game


Nah not to me. The only similarities is that both climb, other than that its entirely different


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Sep 18, 2009
This was an excellent game. Worth the purchase if you ask me, you only need two buttons to play and it's AWESOME and SO INVENTIVE!!

It gets pretty hard later on, too.

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