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    GBAtemp book game club had a slight delay but we are here with a new version. The series moniker most likely says it all but stating the obvious not something we consider a problem so for each edition we make a selection of a game (or series or a handful of related titles), post a short summary/overview of the game and where it found itself on launch in terms of competition and the company behind it before turning it over to those that wish to participate in the club to play and discuss in part or in full.
    The selection process does have several criteria that make it up but we a purposefully not going to elaborate upon them much as we feel it is better that way- terrible games certainly have their place but we will try to make the choices enjoyable.
    In defiance of to the sentence above however we do wish to say that review scores are not that big a factor and as such this is not intended to be a top ? games (with given refinements) list as those are everywhere. By dodging the top ? games trap it should allow us to check out some of the more interesting titles available and the commercial, homebrew and rom hacking side of things provide a very large list of possibilities. We are not explcitly limiting ourselves a few systems but our focus is definitely on the GBA, DS and Wii with any ports or versions on other systems a bonus.
    As the rather broad criteria leave the lists quite large we might occasionally add in (and state as such) some criteria along the lines of budget (there are loads of games that are very interesting and available for next to nothing), rare titles, titles not released in a big region (a few weeks back we were doing a run of games not published in North America) or we might instead find/pose a challenge (what achievements/trophies were called before they became a thing) or do a compare and contrast (although this week is not being called as such if you wanted to compare titles you are very welcome to do so).

    #40- Touchmaster and related franchises (NDS)

    Midway games (are we supposed to pour some beer on the floor?) are probably better known for their various somewhat violent fighting games (aside from mortal kombat that had a hand in the likes of killer instinct and mace the dark ages mainly on the arcade side of things) but here we have some enjoyable puzzle game collections (there are four in the main series each with a few more traditional games and some oddball games) and mechanic master which probably wants the label "incredible machine clone" but clones can certainly be fun.

    Touchmaster 3 trailer- fairly gameplay heavy though
    Classic game room Mechanic Master review


    GBAtemp release thread (Touchmaster v1.01 (U))
    GBAtemp release thread (Touchmaster 2 (U))
    (as you might have seen this was called more touchmaster in Europe)
    GBAtemp release thread (Touchmaster 3 (U))
    GBAtemp release thread (Touchmaster Connect (U))
    Known as Touchmaster 4: connnect in Europe.
    GBAtemp release thread (Mechanic Master (U))[/p]

    Pah you already did puzzle games when you covered clubhouse games/42 all time classics and Puzzlemaniak or a nice selection from the many puzzle games out there. As we are mentioning homebrew we should probably link up the very enjoyable pocket physics. Discuss it in the thread below.[/p]

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    Mechanic Master does indeed look like a clone of the classic incredible machine. I've always loved the original DOS game, but somehow could never quite warm me up for the newer sequels.
    But this clone looks great, I will definitely give it a try, thanks! :yaynds:
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    I never new there also was a mechanic master.
    Now I gotta play it.

    TIM 2 and 3 are awesome too, believe me.
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    I loves TouchMaster series! Look fun! :D