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    GBAtemp book game club sees a new week happening and thus has a new edition. The book game probably says it all but for the sake of those skim reading the idea is each edition a game (or a couple) gets selected and then those that wish to join in with the feature can play it (or if they have played it in the past go from that) and say what they thought about it as a whole, an aspect of it or if they want do a full review.
    Various things go into making a selection many of which we are leaving that vague but we do wish to say this is not intended to be a top ? games list as those are everywhere and just going by them you would probably have a good time but also stand to miss out on a lot. Games in the top ? games lists (be it in general, by genre or some such) can certainly feature in this series (our selection today certainly features in a few) but a selection could also be made for a nice mechanic, being a new take on a genre/one rarely done on a platform, something new entirely, being important for a company or industry as a whole, have a great score (musical score- again review scores are usually skipped over) or something along those lines.

    Our selection process is not set in stone and although we certainly like good games as much as the next people we are not adverse to making a selection if it should demonstrate a nice mechanic, have a great score (soundtrack- review scores are things we tend to ignore), some great sections, try something new, try something rarely attempted on a platform or in general or otherwise be important to a series, company or industry as a whole. Basically we did not want to make another top ? games list (refined by genre or not).
    Even that can get a bit stale though so there are occasionally other criteria and features like not being published in North America (we have just come off a small run of such titles), something that is not available for much (you can find several good games for the DS where shipping, despite being reasonable, is the bulk of the price, something rare courtesy of a small run or being released early on and on the features front we might do a compare and contrast (many genres and games have similar but subtly different titles the "best" of which can boil entirely down to opinion), pose a challenge (there are quite a few titles which played a certain way change how the game is viewed)
    There is no restriction on the consoles we make selections from but for now and the foreseeable future they will come from the consoles GBAtemp traditionally covered (GBA, DS and Wii) but between huge libraries of rom hacks, homebrew, commercial releases and other code (demos, betas, leaked versions, unpublished titles and such) we do not envisage any barrel scraping for a long time yet.

    #38- Geometry Wars- Galaxies (NDS and Wii)

    Our run of European titles is taking a break for a while to instead indulge in a bullet hell (of sorts) shooter in Geometry Wars- Galaxies. Taking the somewhat less popular minigame (the "original" was part of Project Gotham Racing 2 on the original xbox although a tweaked version and a sequel are available on the 360's xbox live arcade) to full franchise route is Geometry Wars- Galaxies from Bizarre Creations (best known for the Project Gotham series but they did do a couple of other titles) which is available for both the DS and Wii (indeed they can link up to unlock things- one Wii save to help with that). As mentioned the game itself is a bullet hell game or sorts set on a small field of play (think asteroids) that you have to survive in for as long as you can as things get harder. Throw in some varied enemy types, fast paced gameplay and some light upgrades that can carry through the game and we hold you have a recipe for a sore wrist (do note on the DS you can switch to buttons once the game starts if you want) but a good time getting there. Oh multiplayer co-op exists for both versions.

    Gameplay video (frame rate is far far smoother in the game itself)

    A youtube wii review that covers a lot of the wii game[/p]


    GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    My wrist is pulsing but I must keep playing or do you prefer your shooters to come in another form. As with most times we link up this sort of game we also feel the need to link up the game of the week/retro reviews desk DS homebrew favourite Meteroa[/p]

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    Excellent choice. Geometry Wars is a really fun game to play if you like your shoot em ups.
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    i actually agree with emigre. i enjoyed this game a lot, and the upgrades were good incentives for grinding for cash (and aiming for the medals). and the simple graphics kept things running silky smooth too, so there was some real good implementation there.
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    this game did become famous among some people but i guess others did not like maths. i think the added math title was confusing some peopel.
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    I don't know why they never made a follow up to this. I spent so much time on it when I got it and always hoped for another.
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    Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 on XBLA is the best version of this in my opinion. It has many different game modes, shows friends' highscores so you can compare them with yours, has multiplayer and of course it's HD.
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    This is a really good shoot'em up. It's quite different to usual scrolling games, but it's a good idea and it uses a great controls (stylus or Wiimote pointing).
    I liked both DS and Wii version.

    The DS version is easier (less speed and less FX effect), while on Wii it was much more smooth (and felt faster) which make it more difficult to avoid sprites, it gives a better experience.

    There are a lot of levels with different difficulty.
    There is DS-Wii connectivity to unlock secret levels too.
  8. JonnyPoots

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    May 21, 2011
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    Love this game.
    It was why I bought a Classic Controller (and subsequently hated it, as it caused my thumbs to run into each other)
    Never really liked the pointer controls (and yet I don't mind it on Centipede: Infestation)
    Closest thing to Smash TV on wii (pre C: I)
    (levels unlocked by DS connection = teh best)
  9. jarejare3

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    Man I loved this game, wonder it has a pc version?
  10. YayMii

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    I love this game, simply because it's the only version with the Galaxies game mode. So much variety.
    Well, you can try the CC Pro, since the analog sticks are further apart.
  11. ShadowPirater

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    May 21, 2009
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    This game was pretty awesome. I had it on the DS and it's the only shooter I ever 100% completed.
  12. JonnyPoots

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    Already have, got the MH Tri bundle