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    Another edition of the GBAtemp book game club has arrived. The title likely says what it is about but we do like to give a quick intro each time as there are a few things we like to do to try and help us stand out a bit.
    For each entry in the series we select a game (usually just the one but several when it is called for) and call it our suggestion for the week that people then play or recount a previous playthrough and get to discuss as a whole or pull up aspects for discussion.
    Our selection process is not set in stone and although we certainly like good games as much as the next people we are not adverse to making a selection if it should demonstrate a nice mechanic, have a great score (soundtrack- review scores are things we tend to ignore), some great sections, try something new, try something rarely attempted on a platform or in general or otherwise be important to a series, company or industry as a whole. Basically we did not want to make another top ? games list (refined by genre or not).
    Although not confined to them our main sources of selections will be the consoles GBAtemp traditionally covered but we should be good for a long time as rom hacks (of which more and more are appearing), commercial releases, other releases (developers releasing unpublished games, leaked betas and more) and homebrew are abundant for all those systems.
    In addition to all that we might occasionally add in some additional criteria like region exclusivity (right now we seem to be an on an unintentional European (and sometime Japan) only releases kick), something that is available for not a lot of money right now, something rare or something released early on in a small run or in addition to the selection we might pose a challenge, do a compare and contrast or get you to see what the first couple of hours of a game are like.

    #37- Go! Go! Cosmo Cops (NDS)

    Continuing our somewhat unintentional theme of games that did not see a release in North America but did in Europe we have Go! Go! Cosmo Cops from developers Noise who are probably better known as the developers of the well liked Custom Robo series. Go! Go! Cosmo Cops however is a purely touch screen driven platformer and unlike certain other touch screen platformers it does it well. Gameplay itself largely revolves around you using a worms style ninja rope to traverse levels and attack enemies but they do mix it up and have some other play styles on occasion and in our opinion if you play it trying to maintain a breakneck pace it poses a nice bit of challenge but on the flip side it also allows those not as well versed in such play styles the chance to play it as well (it is intended to be played "book style" so be aware before foisting it upon your children but the select button will change that). Being a Europe only game released in the middle of the year it perhaps did not get the attention it deserved but the Mr. Driller reminiscent art style and tight mechanics make for a nice little game. It also sports a decent cart multiplayer which is rarity in these later games.

    Gameplay trailer (short but a fair bit of gameplay)



    GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    Another one that should have appeared across the pond or do touch screen platformers just not work? Feel free to discuss it in the thread below.[/p]

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    I can vouch for this being a nice game :>
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    very interesting and unique concept
    one of those that i havent got but will do so surely
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    This game was average at best for me, I really looked forward to it years back but it wasn't anything worth remembering. Hardly unique either has it was a bit of Mr Slime meets DK King of Swing.
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    Great pick and an overlooked gem in my opinion. Loved the graphics in the game, but mostly I just loved the laidback way it made excellent use of the DS' touch screen.