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    GBAtemp book game club has a new edition and as is tradition we start these with a rough overview of what goes as part of the club. In this series games are selected for those that wish to join in to play and after that those that played it (then or before) can discuss it among the others in the thread.
    Games are selected using various criteria and although quality is one of those when making this series we realised we had no desire to make another top ? games of # series and as such quality can fall by the wayside if there other compelling reasons. Should a game have a place in the history of scene, industry or on the console it finds itself on, should the game have an interesting feature/mechanic, music or some other aspect of note, should we feel it is underrated or something else entirely it can find itself the subject of one of these clubs. Our main sources of games are the extensive libraries of commercial games, homebrew titles, rom hacks and otherwise available for the consoles we traditionally covered around here. To mix things up some editions have additional criteria such as only available in less common regions, for it to be available for under a given amount, only made in small runs, for it to be released at a given period in the existence of a console and as well as that special features like a compare and contrast for a selection of similar titles, how the first ? levels/minutes play out and other things along those lines.

    #32- The Legend of Kage 2 (NDS)

    Today we have the DS sequel to an old arcade game up for playing. In short the game is an old school action platformer the likes of which filled libraries of yesteryear and much like many of those libraries ninjas were the theme of choice so anybody that enjoyed ninja gaiden or shinobi will be right at home here (the difficulty seems to vary with the person you speak to but most having it leaning towards the hard side of the scale). There are arguably better action platform games on the DS but this one flew under the radar of many so we are here today to shine a light on it.

    Short gameplay video (others available)


    Fans of different boxart might wish to check the EU version[/p]

    GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    Skip this and right to metal slug or a nice homage to a classic arcade/console title?

    [​IMG]ongoing discussion

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    I have played this, and found it amuzing but not more than that.
    Eventually, I got bored by it and didn't finish the game.
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    I never knew of this game, will try it now!
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    It reminds me of Thor - God of Thunder for the ds...

    Which one you think is the best?
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    its a really nice game but like games in its genre, its hard but good nonetheless
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    The first Legend of Kage was a terrible piece of shit, however this was a good little game. For me it was maybe too easy but seeign that we'd didn't have that many arcadey titles on the DS I can forgive that.

    Both play differently and Kage 2 is far better.