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    A new edition of GBAtemp book game club for all to enjoy is upon us but as all includes those yet to experience the club a outline of what we do around here. Each edition a game (or three) is selected after which those joining in with that edition of the club can play it or tell us of a time they played it in the past before discussing it with others in the associated thread. Quality is one of the possible criteria but we note this is no basic top ? games list as those are done a lot and our doing another would add little to the state of things. The cream of a the crop will feature but should a game have something else or note either on features, the perception of a system type (RTS on a console) or where it found itself in the industry, scene or some such it can be selected for that. The consoles we traditionally covered around here will tend to provided the releases as all have extensive libraries of commercial, homebrew, rom hacks and other sources. Additional criteria like budget constraints, not released in certain regions, small runs, release timeframe and more as well as special features (compare and contrast, first ? levels/minutes.... do appear on occasion to help mix things up a bit.

    #31- Bit.Trip series (Wii among others)

    The developers of the series are Gaijin Games and as a company they have only done this series thus far but their founders are composed of time served members of other noted studios. The series, not to be confused with the similarly titled and themed bit generations on the GBA, are rhythm games merged with other genres stylised to resemble some of the Atari era games with chiptubes/"keygen music" and graphics to match. They were built mainly for the wiiware service but disc/cartridge collections are available for the wii and 3ds as Bit.Trip Complete and Bit.Trip Saga and ports were made to computers and other platforms.




    GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    More junk cluttering up the downloadable game services or an example of how to do it right? Discussion in the thread below.

    [​IMG]ongoing discussion

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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    i did thoroughly enjoy bit.trip runner. the others did not impress me much, but they are fun little mini games.

    runner is a pain in the ass though. i still haven't got through the first section of levels since i give up too soon.
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    FINALLY. These games needed a feature.

    I generally like them all for what they put in that's pretty unique. BEAT and FATE were somewhat exceptions, but added many new elements all the same. CORE and VOID did something that I had never seen in a game before. RUNNER combined rhythm and platforming elements nicely. And FLUX was a nice throwback to the series and made nostalgia for BEAT arise again.
    The music was also beautiful, and the storyline vague but profound enough for you to imagine either a simple and somewhat iffy plot, or an more meaningful epic of the philosophical nature.

    Overall, these games were just gorgeous in style, filled with earcandy, and with gameplay elements used fantastically.

    I see no flaws with this series(aside from the 3D framerate in SAGA), which is something that has avoided me in gaming for a long time. Of course I could wish for more levels, but I believe that three (or 39, or 5) is a well balanced number, and before long people would complain that there would be no new gimmicks in the later levels.
    I have not finished these games in their entirety (dagnabbit RUNNER 1-11!), but I will remember these for a long time.


    Oh, and here's to RUNNER2 being a great game!
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    Great game!
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    Bought all six games on WiiWare, and then bought COMPLETE, Looking forward to SAGA once I get my 3DS!

    Awesome games, recommend them to any music/rhythm game fans.