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    GBAtemp book game club time once again. The rough overview of this series would be a game is suggested by us each edition and then those wishing to participate then gives the game a spin (or if they played it before then discuss that) before discussing it among the other members. It is noted that the choices are such that this is not your regular top quality games list. Examples of other things that cause us to pick games are those with ties to industry happenings (the first, last or otherwise notable release of a company), a twist on an old genre, a mixture of a couple, an attempt on a new platform for a genre (RTS on console for example) and other things along those lines. This being said a new game ? games list (although such games certainly feature) as the suggestions can arise on the basis of a great mechanic, a great theme, something of note within the industry (a swansong or something) or something along those lines not to mention we occasion do features, add in other criteria (budget titles and such) or something like a compare and contrast. Other than that any of the systems we tend to cover will provide something from their homebrew, commercial, rom hacks or otherwise for use to play.

    #27- Elvenland (NDS)

    A hard to find game although more from coming from a small Europe only run than some of the games seen on earlier consoles. You would be forgiven for assuming it is a tetris clone but SnapDragon Games, a company perhaps better known for some of the DS versions of Morhunn (crazy chicken), made something closer to bejewelled or puzzle quest although it stands by itself just as well and as such it becomes one of the hidden gems of the DS in our opinion and as such worth a spin if you like puzzle games.

    [​IMG][/p]GBAtemp release thread[/p]

    A subpar puzzle game from a company known for non games or a glimpse of something better?

    [​IMG]ongoing discussion

    gbagotw should get you other links in this series

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