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    Nov 21, 2005
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    This is the discussion thread for week #2 of the GBAtemp book game club. This week we put forth The Legendary Starfy as a game worth playing and this thread houses discussion of it.

    Say as little or as much as you like but to help spark some conversation here are some questions

    It has been said this game was overlooked in favour of the many other platformers available on the DS- is this the case or are was our choice in error?
    One of the reasons offered up for it being overlooked is that it is easy- few would argue otherwise but is it a negative point?
    The 2d platformer genre, although less commonly enjoyed owing to the rise of 3d, has many great examples- do this stand as one of them?
    Although it has been said to be a hidden gem you might well have played it before- with all that followed what are your opinions on returning to the game?
    Previous entries in the series have been lauded as well- does this stack up?
    Portion of the game that causes you the most frustration?
    Did this game cause you to the see the sunrise from the "wrong" way or do our suggestions now carry as little weight as the data used to carry them?
    Any standout portions of the game?
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    May 28, 2008
    jaian my almost nephew loves this game. I got tired of it after the first 80 hours of playing with him... You can only take so much starfy. Which too bad for me got him asking for other starfy games.

    Oh this game does take some time to finish. Not quite easy but just above it. Jaian thought it was hard in someplaces. My boyfriend and I would love to play another NEW starfy game.

    nothing really else to add.
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