GBAtemp game of the week- #11 Puzzle Maniak DS

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    GBAtemp game of the week- week #11

    Time for the 11th week of the GBAtemp book game club and this week we are looking at a DS homebrew title. For those new to these threads the general idea is each week we will pick a game or a collection of games to look at from one of the systems we tend to cover around here. The games will tend to come from the systems we mainly cover around be but beyond that they can be from the commercial releases side of things, a piece of homebrew (the systems we cover have extensive libraries of great homebrew), a hack to a game or something else entirely. Fun games are always sought but we figure everybody has a top games list so our selections might well be games known to many, an underrated game but equally it might be a game with a good mechanic, a game with a nice attempt at a mechanic or something else along those lines.[/p]

    Puzzle Maniak DS

    A frequent entry in the top homebrew and even top games list for the DS puzzle maniak started on the DS but these days finds itself swimming in the iOS pond. Still versions of the highly polished DS iteration are available for all to play. A puzzle game is only as good as the puzzles though so the full list comes in as Tents, Dominosa, Mines, Bridges, Light Up (aka Akari), Pattern (aka Picross), Net (aka Netwalk), Untangle (aka Planarity), Sudoku (aka Solo), Galaxies, Slitherlink (aka Loopy), Blackbox, Mastermind (aka Guess), Map, Filling, Solitaire (aka Pegs), Sixteen, Fifteen, Slant, Rectangles, Netslide, Samegame, Unequal, Flip, Inertia, Twiddle and Pyramid (adaptation of Cube) with most of them featuring a fair few options to change things.[/p]


    A quick run through of the menu and starting a game​

    [​IMG] Project site (DS version and information no longer linked)
    [​IMG] Filetrip download

    Although it would have made it in this series for no other reason than quality this is about the thoughts of our community so if you have the time do share your thoughts in the discussion.[/p]

    [​IMG] Discuss should get you other links in this series
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    One of the best DS homebrew games out there. IIRC the developer perfected it for the DS and then ported it to the App Store.
    When I was a news poster I had to make an announcement everyday because he updated it so much!
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    its not only about how stable or well designed the game is... its also the mechanics, something that is possible for just everyone
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    Does this really have wifi multiplayer?
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    I am not sure about local wifi or even nifi/DS to DS but there was a server for scores back when that has since gone down as far as I know.
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    I loved the iPhone version, got the DS version quite a while ago. If only he made an Android version...
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    Brilliant choice. No mucking about on cutesy graphics, this one just gets right to the point and the games speak for themselves. It's a great title for when you've only got 10 mins to kill and don't want to get into something, and because you can't complete it you just keep coming back to it. I always have this one on my cart. I love puzzles and there's a lot of unusual ones in here that I haven't seen before, certainly not all in one place. And it all just works. Brilliant stuff [​IMG]