GBAtemp EZ5i review published

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    GBAtemp EZ5i review published
    The DSi compatible cart from EZFlash

    A GBAtemp review of the EZ5i flash cart from the veteran EZFlash team (aka EZGroup or EZTeam) has just been posted. The EZ5i was released in response to the updated security of the DSi and later DSi LL/XL and this review is the result of spending many months in these hectic (and anti piracy filled) times for the DS flash cart scene with it as a primary flash cart.

    The review is linked below for those who wish to read it and you can use this thread.

    [​IMG]GBAtemp EZ5i review

    Also available is a review from GBAtemp member FlashX007 available here

    To celebrate the review the EZTeam and GBAtemp joined together for a skin making competition which you can read about and enter on the link below, please leave this thread for discussion of the EZ5i review

    [​IMG]EZ5i skinning contest

    [​IMG] Discuss
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    I like what I see. It would have been nice to see more pictures of the GUI. Perhaps you could do an in-depth video review to go along with this.
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    Nice review there. I learned a lot from this review since this is the only flashcart I don't have yet. You forgot about the scoring thing that GBAtemp usually does.
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    Sweet my review was mentioned ^^
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    this review is FAST6191 through and through. it contains lots of neat bits of information which show the years you have put into this hobby. good job!

    -another world
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    Given his moderator status over on the EZ-Flash forums, I was expecting this to come across as very biased.


    But it's not, it's quite objective.

    Oh and if anyone want's it, there's a MicroSD flashcart icon for this in my sig. [​IMG]
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    The review doesn't seem complete. In the Cons, you list "GBA functionality overtaken by various homebrew programs." as a fault. No anywhere in your review do you mention this. You go into some very technical stuff, but skim over parts people (like me) want to know more about. Would have liked to know more about RTS support and on-the-fly AP patching for example.

    Anyway, I have to say that I am rethinking my recent purchase of an Acekard 2i instead of this. More features for only $2 more (from RealHotStuff, where I order my stuff from). The "Special mode" sounds similar to stealth mode on the CycloDS, which I like. I guess we will have to see if the EZ5i firmware can out-perform AKAIO. If it does, I see many people wanting to change to the EZ5i. myself included.
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    Apologies for not addressing this thread sooner, bad form on my part there.

    First thanks to all that replied and read the review. I know it represents a fair departure from the standard review but I believe then as now that it was warranted in light of the changes in the last few months/year to the DS card scene in general and it has caused a lot of discussion behind the scenes.

    @UniqueGeek I just added a video Normmatt sent of a walkthrough of the loader, features and various bundled skins. As for a full video review I will need a far better camera at my disposal before that.

    For others you can see it standalone

    @FlashX007 you write a good review and we do take notice. It provides a nice contrast to my review as well, as Another World says I have done this for years now and I often overlook things that are of great interest to those just breaking into the world and my need for various features differs from others (while I love cheats if the loader lost them tomorrow I would not bat an eyelid).

    @tk_saturn that was a fear of mine doing such a review and while I would not stick around EZFlash gear if I did not think it was worth the time the integrity of this place is worth more.

    @gumbyx84 I dislike pro/con lists on reviews like these (indeed the first go around/published version lacked one) but it seems I did leave out that paragraph on the 3 in 1 (I need a better content management system for the next review it seems).

    "on-the-fly AP patching" is just what most DS slot carts ever have done (or had as an option)- while the under 8000h emulation and special mode (it is very similar to the stealth mode of the CycloDS or clean mode of the EZ5 of old) are responses to developments in AP it is mainly a throwback to those coming from older cards (there are still people coming and I speak to those coming up from the GBA on a weekly basis these days and those using operating systems that are not windows (flash cart teams and tool makers rarely do anything for things other than windows).

    I am not sure how I can review extra features- although it feels as though it is in the realms of the anecdote (we have several thousand roms now and testing a handful does not seem all that worthwhile) I can at least try some known trouble roms (even if it feels somewhat redundant).
    There is nothing resembling such a list for special features so all I can really say is I got it to work on a bunch of games- worst that happened was for tetris DS where the graphics got corrupted loading to the menu (it takes several seconds to get to that point from starting otherwise) which was fixed by forcing a full screen refresh in the game (going to a new menu in this case).
    A true savestate that an emulator would make grabs all memory but the DS does not have all memory mapped to a bus so this can get tricky as the flash cart works in hardware- hooks and interrupts get involved rather than a simple halt and read (one reason why pausing or waiting for a slow point in the game can allow things to work where they would not have).

    As for the purchase the acekard 2i is a fantastic cart thanks to AKAIO, the EZ5i's new AP bypass features have already proven themselves to help make some tricky roms able to run from day 0 in one form or another but on the other hand Normmatt and the others are unbelievably fast when it comes to bypassing checks.
    Equally I would not have written the review I did if I did not think the EZ5i could stack up against the likes of AKAIO, the cycloDS and the supercard DS one/two. I guess I will say we have left the GBA era and flash carts are cheap enough that having two of them is easy enough to do and often worthwhile doing- there is nothing I found to say the EZ5i should not be one of them.
    While I do hate short lists some scenarios that may or may not apply
    Would I get an EZ5i if I was coming to the DS cold or upgrading an old cart? definitely
    Would I get an EZ5i if I wanted a long term card that is likely to see my interest in the DS through (and again when I dust off my DS in 10 years time for some retro action)? definitely
    Would I leave another of the big four if I am happy with that card? probably not
    Would I get an EZ5i as a second card (or for the little brother scenario- you take it when it becomes necessary)? definitely
    Would I get one knowing I only play the latest rom releases and promptly forget them 4 days later? it probably does not beat out AKAIO but between these new features and the EZTeam being fairly quick you can see yourself gloating in release threads, hassling people for undubs/cheats/translations/save editors and spending minimal time moaning in the same threads and support forums/channels.
    Would I get and EZ5i knowing I am happy to play games but I also like extra features? all the extra features (obviously excluding the enhanced video and homebrew thing of the extra chip carts) are more than competitive with the other teams.
    Would I get an EZ5i as a member of the "just works" crowd? yes but better than that you can also fiddle with options if you want to.