GBAtemp E3 presentation writeups 2011- Ubisoft

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    GBAtemp E3 presentation writeups 2011- Ubisoft.

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    This is the Ubisoft entry in the GBAtemp coverage of E3.

    Ubisoft joined EA and Microsoft in having E3 presentations. Much like EA Ubisoft is a game publisher rather than a console maker and so they got to showcase games for multiple platforms. This is the writeup of Ubisoft's 2011 E3 presentation.[/p]

    The presentation

    A montage of some of the games to come formed the start of the presentation. Ubisoft also seemed to be the first to either ignore that although E3 is in fact a media/investment affair numbers tend to be sidelined in recent years at least although as it is their 25th anniversary people might be inclined to let them off.[/p]

    Rayman origins

    Some of the developers appeared and stated they liked the idea of hand drawn graphics but given we are in 2011 and this is supposed to be a top flight game trying to get that past the initial funding request might be difficult.

    4 player co-op (apparently in show for those there) was demoed and some time was dedicated to this (nearly 10 minutes by our count)

    In the demo the levels and humour seemed to have come from would not be out of place in an Earthworm Jim game but Rayman and Earthworm Jim both have many fans and not without reason. Naturally it is a 2D platformer although some nice physics, speed sections, accurate jumping sections and even a shooter section appeared in there.[/p]

    Three buzzwords/buzz terms seemed to form the core of the presentation (we were however spared the chance to engage in buzzword bingo).
    “Gaming is adventure”
    “Gaming is sharing”
    “Gaming is life”

    The running gag (that wore very thin) was a what if this game was made 25 years ago which then led to videos of demakes of the games to be shown.[/p]

    Driver- San Francisco
    NES demake and back even further.

    Looked like a nice bright driving game. The film grain filter probably needs to be noted and some of the textures almost looked like they were flirting with cell shading.
    As well as your standarb muscle cars there looked to be some dirt cars and supercars.

    Multiplayer is apparently to be a big focus of the game and were promised it would be “groundbreaking”.[/p]

    Far Cry 3
    Vegetation is back again.
    We were treated to what appeared to be the first 5 minutes/intro cutscene and the first level after that. Gameplay is closer to the second game than the first although it wants to draw our attention to the first game as hard as possible by the looks of things. It is a far cry game which several years back became something of a standard for graphics and it more or less follows here with the water effects being singled out for praise by us.

    It appears as though the Far Cry team took a lesson or three from Rainbow 6 and added some cover fire abilities and other such things which is nice as first person games tend not to always go in for that.
    Some nice kill animations where the player took the knife from a guard, killed him with it and threw (and killed) another guard. Time will tell though if it relies on contrived reasons to do it, never happens again or actually is a somewhat natural move.
    2012 some time.[/p]

    Brothers in arms
    Gearbox software appeared with their new game. Some might say they took the exaggerated stories of heroics and tried to make a game based around it and others would say someone watched Inglourious Basterds (or at least certain sequences) and decided to make a game based around them. They do not seem to be playing it straight which might be a relief to some.[/p]

    Paramount brought a few people in and showed them talking for a while during which time concept art of a sort was shown. It is based in part around the upcoming film but in is not a straight up tie in/retread.
    After this some gameplay was shown in which it appears to be a mixture of genres with some platform, 3d almost isometric fighting, running and some scenes that hinted at a decent story behind it all.[/p]

    Tom Clancy's games.
    Another demake but all that served to do was reignite the desire to see another Syndicate title.

    Ghost recon- future soldier
    You might have seen some of this in the 360 presentation earlier or a past e3 but for missed it you play some special forces types that nowadays have the ability to turn nearly invisible.
    It is third person when moving and zooms to first for iron sights. They seemed to have raided one Mr. Fisher's supply closet as there appears to be goggles multiple views (some form of heat, some form of possibly sonar and the usual night vision at least). Whether it was for the presentation or now we do not know but if aiming for a simultaneous break there appeared to be some screens for the stackup which is nice.

    Next up the HUD- one of the features of this is the traditional HUD appears to have been eschewed in favour of an “augmented reality” type affair. Some nice textures were on show rather than the standard brown/grey rock quarry affair for the demo. There was a nice drone mechanic and like some other games in this presentation it appeared to be taking notes from other games from the same publisher with “refined cover based mechanics” and similar things.
    Co-op featured as well as it did with many others in the series.

    Ghost recon online
    Free (ad supported, pay for extras or something else we were not told). Not the first game to do such a thing but the latest.
    All about the multiplayer as such games tend to be and it appears to be set in the same universe as it were to future soldier above. A measure of cross compatibility (no straight compatibility) by means of achievements and some save data or some form although it is probably tied to Ubisoft's uplay service.[/p]
    Applications for the beta are available now.

    Mania planet.
    This is a the name for a project encompassing three games almost in one.
    User created content.
    Trackmania 2 (although it used a squared in the presentation) with the subtitle canyon.
    Apparently sharing user made tracks, videos and ghosts is a new concept but this appears to want to elevate it a bit.

    A roll your own RPG type game.

    A roll your own FPS.

    September some time for the release date.[/p]

    Raving Rabbits Alive and Kicking
    A kinect set squarely in the “augmented reality” world.

    The usual mix of minigames with a whack a mole and fill the shapes should you decide to play with some friend (4 players apparently supported).
    If such a thing interests you then you can share the resulting images with facebook.[/p]

    “Gamification” is the next buzzword and although it traditionally refers to adding games to mundane tasks or making meta games out of activities the next batch of videos were about turning things into games.

    Just dance 3
    Another demake themed around a dance game
    All three consoles using the motion controls.
    11th October is the project release date.

    Not the first attempt at it but this game apparently teaches you to play a real guitar as opposed to the simplified instruments favoured by many other examples of the genre. An interesting feature (that shockingly was only mentioned in passing) is that you can use your own instruments (it has some form of amp built in).

    Your shape (a fitness game) was mentioned but nothing much elaborated upon.[/p]

    Assassin's creed- revelations
    Another demake and possibly getting a bit closer to “prince of persia clone” than might be wise.

    Ezio- next (final?) chapter.
    Quest for secrets from first game in the whole series and it showed an escape from the city after the presentation went Devil May Cry on us and showed a very nice CGI fight. Gameplay- looks prettier than the desert and desert esque locations of the previous entried and at least for the sequences has some decent moving level pieces (you running as the world crumbles around you). A short Flamethrower turret section ending in a final teaser/reveal that probably means something to those that like that sort of thing.
    November is the projected release date it would seem.[/p]

    Over to you for discussion.

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    Why do you call Revelations a demake?
  3. soulx

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    Apr 4, 2009
    The only game that interests me out of all the games revealed at the conference is Assassin's Creed: Revelations!

    It looks freaking awesome! I can't wait until it's released.
  4. FAST6191

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    I can see how that might be read that way.... I shall think of a rephrasing later.

    In the presentation before certain titles Ubisoft would screen a video along the lines of a "what if it was made 25 years ago" in this case showing a 2d platformer with a character in somewhat recognisable garb. Probably not aimed at you but demake seems to be a new term that came around in the last year or so where people take modern games and remake them such as they might appear on older hardware.

    A nice example

    @SoulSnatcher I thought EA's new RPG ( Kingdoms of Amalur- Reckoning) and their other title Overstrike look pretty interesting but yeah I agree the big players have been pretty underwhelming thus far (I have not had the chance to see what appeared from some of the smaller names yet though).
  5. machomuu

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    I think I may have caused a misunderstanding. I know what demakes and remakes are, my question is why do you call Revelations one? I thought it was the newest Xbox 360 title.
  6. CarbonX13

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    The only highlight of Ubisoft's conference was Assassin's Creed: Revelations, everything else was just incredibly lame or boring in my opinion.
  7. shakirmoledina

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    the ppl at gametrailers were repeatedly saying AC or assassin's etc. Far cry was nice too.
    they said ubi doesnt seem to care much about the conferences but the highlight of the show wa mr. caffeine as his jokes and to-be-memes were awful and annoying
  8. Satangel

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    Definitely Far Cry 3 for me. The rest of the hardcore games look decent enough, but I doubt I'll play them for a long period. Far Cry 3 is an instant downoload though!
  9. IBNobody

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    Another year, another no-show for Beyond Good and Evil 2.
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    Land of England
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    Just rewatched the FarCry 3 demo with commentary of the developers. Doesn't look that fantastic but that could also be the crappy video quality. But boy, the gameplay looked superb! Really felt scary in some parts, good work Ubisoft!