GBAtemp E3 2018 Live Show Floor Coverage: Day 2 - Anime Games and Indies

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    Yeah, my series of blog posts were ultimately about how nobody is actually good at fighting games (besides professionals, obviously), so you should just enjoy them for what they are. That one I linked touches on a number of things like fundamentals.

    In my experience, having a training partner is a double-edged sword. If they suck, both of you will continue to suck forever. If they have a little edge on you (say better grasp of fundamentals or know some cheap trick that you can't figure out a counter for), it can be very frustrating, especially if they gloat a lot. That's why I think it's sad that a lot of developers skip out on single-player modes - you can enjoy a game at your own pace that way.

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    Back in the day, my friends and I did a "friday night fights" weekly gathering where we took turns bringing a mystery game that everyone would have to play. My friends hated Tekken, so I brought Tenkaichi 3. I loved how they had every iteration of every DBZ character in that game!
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    Well I mean it is all up to the individual. Since good is a subjective term it's mostly what one thinks. A casual player can call themself good if they do something like finish story/arcade mode and maybe beat some local players while most gamer use the term good as "Having a higher win than loss ratio. performing some impressive moves and combos that other struggle with and maybe even some prefect victories with lots of health remaining"

    Am I good at street fighter cause I can beat CPU characters on hardest difficulty? I guess so, but if i play a rank match I'll surely lose. :P

    Basically if I want to be good, I have to just walk the path of the warrior and spend hours on end training alone or with someone, then find some challenging people and face them, win or lose, learn and continue. It's all dependent on how much I like the game and want to see myself playing more and more. It's hard to explain but it's probably a philosophy of not only fighting games but the characters' morals as well. :ninja:
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    Based purely on the demo, it seems to be very on par with how Dark Souls does things. Enemies aren't sponges.
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    Awesome coverage as expected! Hyped for code vein and even more for bloodstained. How was it compared to sotn?
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    It feels very much like SOTN, but the major differences being the artstyle and the jumping doesn't feel AS perfect as it did in SOTN. Super hyped regardless.
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    @Chary you should of left the update to the switchs security question out that was bad media inexperienced gal! they are fully aware who Gbatemp is and what goes on here, if you had left that question out you might of found a better interview outcome and by the way the interview went, it seemed as though she just wanted you fast tracked out. Tbh she gave you a fair chance by saying she had not heard of Gbatemp but you couldn’t help yourself!
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