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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by FAST6191, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I do love the rate the song, youtube gold threads and the things like them but they are not the best places for discussion so I thought I would try my hand at making a new thread "series".

    We have had similar things in the past and they resulted in some good discussions (and a few flame wars but we are a site open to anybody with an internet connection) so I thought I would try to post the odd new thread with something to discuss in it. I sense most posts I make will be when I see an interesting conference talk, paper or article and would not mind a discussion among my fellow 'tempers.

    The obvious pitfall of this "series" will be trying to decide who gets to make new threads. To this end I would say if you want to have it come under the banner you really need to be staff (at least for the first month or two until things "settle"). By all means post a potential discussion item and if it takes off hopefully a passing mod will change titles to bring it into the fold so to speak- I see many 'tempers posting very interesting videos and news quite often. Try and keep it fairly tame but there is not necessarily the need for one discussion to stop before another starts.

    Do however note many 'tempers have serious skills in many different areas so there is always a chance of you looking very foolish. A mistake is one thing and quite acceptable but "trolling" will not get you far or endeared to those around you. Thinner skinned people do note there is huge difference between heated discussion and "trolling" (as a hint heated discussion will probably have a whole bunch of sources and/or dissection of claims) and it is best to have heard of the term "devil's advocate".
    Likewise as a general rule the world is a hugely complex place and trying to turn it into a binary label is rarely effective (there might be two sides but in practice there is more likely to be a whole spectrum), equally the English language or indeed the "human condition" in general has several dialects/variations not to mention histories and cultures informing the meanings of words (this and the previous point is especially pertinent in matters of politics and using one of the binary terms as an "insult" will usually only serve to make you look foolish).

    There are many other things that can be added to this "intro" but it is probably best summarised as "the world is a big scary place full of things you might not understand (but others might)- if you live in a bubble and many do prepare to have it popped and possible quite violently".

    Starting off with a nice (quotes may or may not need to be added to that word at some point for some people) simple one.

    About this talk

    Marcel Dicke makes an appetizing case for adding insects to everyone's diet. His message to squeamish chefs and foodies: delicacies like locusts and caterpillars compete with meat in flavour, nutrition and eco-friendliness.
    Edit: Forgot TED was on youtube as well- embedded video
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    Many peaople make the argument that I eat shrimp, so why not eat insects? Well, I decided to give them a try. I tried a plate of cricket stir fry, and fried scorpion. To be completely honest, the taste isn't the problem. The taste was very mild and pleasant. The problem is the texture.

    I am a very big texture person. I don't eat pears because I think they are too gritty. I don't eat cottage cheese because the texture is completely disgusting to me.

    Edit: I would be completely fine with insect based "chicken nuggets", that is to say, if it's processed to the point that texture becomes a non issue, I would have no problem with it.

    Edit #2: I agree that there are far too little discussion topics that don't turn out to be an all out flame war. I'm all for this idea as long as the topics arent too controversial.
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    As far as weird foods go, I've had escargot before, and actually rather enjoyed it, even though I was quite skeptical at first. But the notion of regular insects just doesn't appeal to me, partly for the reasons TwinRetro noted, and partly for my own sensibilities. There are a lot of healthy things I could be eating but don't that are far less unusual then insects, such as broccoli.

    I have have seen insects as candy before (chocolate covered ants, flavored crickets) and have been intrigued, but so far not brave enough to try.
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    I still want to go have a mealworm dinner with mthrnite at some point.
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    I'd have to say that I don't eat insect because of availability and also because of the society I live in.

    Sure, they may be plentiful in the Netherlands, or in rural countries, but the fact is that they are not so readily edible in America. I can't walk 1/2 a mile from my home and go buy a pound of grasshopper meat or a box of Cricket McNuggets. It just isn't possible for me to regularly eat insects at this point in time.

    Also, how do you think people would react if they were to witness me eating a box of bugs? Do you think they'd go "Wow, how proactive! He's really on the ball."? No, this is not Los Angeles. People would look at me and think of me as an outcast, and it'd be very hard to appear professional when your boss just saw you down a lunch of larvae.

    If it wasn't for these factors, than yes I'd eat them. They're much healthier than the meat we eat now, and much easier to cook without oils. If cooked right, I wouldn't have to worry about texture and it'd be as if I were eating a healthy snack.
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    Yeah, same here. I'm thinking I would probably enjoy the texture of more crunchy insects, though, as I tend to enjoy crunchy foods in general.

    Either way, that was a wonderfully informative, if not startling, video. It's a bit much to consider the growth of the world's population. We know it's happening, but it's scary when you actually stop to consider it.
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    I wouldn't eat insects unless I have too. Not that they are bad for you, it's just that if people where I live found me eating bugs that probably think I was nuts.
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    I too am a fairly big texture person (I can not eat Snails for that very reason) however I am quite a fan of sugar ants and the more chocolate varieties.
    Likewise when doing the running through the woods bit you might technically have enough food but a bit more is always nice and if you know what goes you need not just eat plants or fail at fishing due to lack of gear.

    I suppose as the video said it is something of a culture thing (which probably feeds an availability thing).

    @ _Chaz_ just for a comparison do you or some of your associates go hunting and eat the resulting meat?

    Not that it would be considered cruel- some might but I am ignoring that for this debate as many more would be indifferent on that matter.
    Sure many people ferret and do small game (looking at stuff like wood pigeons and pheasant) or alternatively farm their own animals but there is nothing resembling the US hunting culture (even with the parts of Europe that can still relatively easily and legally summon a weapon) and as such that whole scene is looked at somewhat oddly by many (even ignoring the get dressed up aspect).