GBATemp 2011 Homebrew Bounty

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    [​IMG] GBATemp 2011 Homebrew Bounty
    Ends May 31st -- 15 days away!

    The GBATemp Homebrew Bounty is a chance for Homebrew developers to show us their stuff. Thanks to the generous donations of our community and various Flash Kit teams we have managed to collect over $5,000 USD as prize money for the Homebrew Bounty.

    The Homebrew Bounty includes categories for the DS, Wii, SCDS2, iEVO, and concludes with a GBATemp Special Prize (best of show) category.

    There have already been some great projects submitted and others have expressed interested towards last minute entries. To enter your project into one of the supported categories you only need to make sure that the Homebrew is either brand new or includes significant updates, and then create a new thread in the entry forum.

    The GBATemp 2011 Homebrew Bounty will conclude on May 31st at 12 midnight GMT meaning that all entries must be submitted by that time. Following the close of the bounty, the staff will begin a round of discussions and give their final judgments.

    If this is the first time you have heard about the Homebrew Bounty be sure to check the submission forum and get in on the discussions. Developers and development sites please help to spread the news. Let us all come together in these final 15 days to make the Homebrew Scene better!

    [​IMG] Homebrew Bounty Rules
    [​IMG] Homebrew Bounty Entry Forum
    [​IMG] Homebrew Bounty Donations
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    Shouldn't it say 2011 in the fourth paragraph?
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    You missed it? Ended 10 years ago. Also, once again that isn't a full list of donators.
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    This planet
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    This is going to be tight. [​IMG]
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    Also don't forget that some shops such as 0shippingzone still has the limited edition GBATemp Supercard DSTwo in stock. Part of the proceeds go toward this sponsored tournament [​IMG]

    I bought one :3